NYC Legalizes Medical Marijuana, Sort Of

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On Thursday, Governor Cuomo decided medical Marijuana was a good idea kinda. Basically medical weed is legal, but you’re not allowed to smoke it because NY is really against fire/carcinogens/the BIC corporation. Edibles, tinctures, and dab vape pens (which are really sick, one of my friends at college’s roommate has one, and it’s actually sooo cool, you can’t smell it at all and you get so high! lol) are all allowed.

Anyway, I don’t really smoke weed anymore but my high school self would think this was super rad, and I bet some other people think so too! Whoa, today is June 20th — that’s like 620 which is almost like 420. Sorry if none of this makes sense, I’m like soooo blazed lol.

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