You Heard It Here First: Microsoft is Cool

As discussed yesterday, I will attend the Domi Dollz event tonight, at 7pm, at the Museum of Sex. Yes, this is an obvious ploy to be black and blue and read all over. I will then dash over to Stash, a place that is trying hard to be under the radar. I designed the joint with more wow factor than a Kardashian wedding/split/reconciliation (rinse, repeat). Its location right next to The Darby is fortuitous. It is small with 10 tables and a lot of design moves. Like all my relationships, there were times I didn’t believe in it, but as it turns out, I am very pleased. It’s in that soft opening phase. I don’t think the name is out there, but seeing as I have now heard it from the lips of at least a dozen people, half of which they shouldn’t ever let in, I think it’s fair game. I put a little stash drawer in the table for your cell phones, and am planning on adding a phone charger at each booth. Yes, we learn as we go.

After Stash, I will zoom to Open House on Houston and Avenue A. I’m designing this as well. It too is having a soft opening tonight. It’s not quite complete, not quite ready for primetime players, but is fully functional, even if I’m not after a strenuous couple of weeks of readying it and Stash. Now, writing about things I am designing can be considered a conflict of interest to some. I feel that if I would write about it anyway if I wasn’t involved, then it’s cool that I do so. I certainly write about things that I have no direct involvement with, but I do get around and am entangled in many ways. I’ll try my best to always disclose. Open House is where Stay was. We think it’s turning out great and I am psyched to see it with people in it.

This past Monday, I attended The Microsoft Holiday Reception at the Hammerstein Ballroom. It was a grand affair. Lots of gizmos, not too many geeks. I was invited by my old friend Henry Eshelman, who blushed when I said he was wearing the same corduroy sports jacket from the last time I saw him 10 years ago. It was a quip, but now I think it was true. I asked him what a guy who has trouble turning on his cellphone was doing there. He said that "Microsoft is cool again and is busting out with cool technology. They launched Windows phone 7.5 with a performance by Matt & Kim, not a safe choice at all. They created the Microsoft home Holiday showcase to show off their latest gadgets to interesting and influential people from hospitality, technology, nightlife, design and academia. These folks will become brand evangelists and advocates when they take the time to check us out.  Microsoft’s shit kicks ass. People love the phones, new laptops, and Kinect is
 the best gaming platform out there."

I said "whew," and I worked the room and found it all to be true. There were squealing models jumping up and down and gyrating and twisting as they played this uber, super, duper ski game. They wouldn’t let anyone else play and they were amazing at it. They must have been from one of those places that have snow all the time, like Holland or Denmark or Norway or Buffalo. I didn’t want anyone else to play either, and some of the other guys and I decided to smack anyone who dared get in the way of their (and our) fun. The car racing games with animation that looked completely real grabbed me, as did all the cool phones which just launched. I saw friends that were actually older than me, as well as Mark Baker and Ivy Bernhardt, who owns my favorite art spot, the Ivy Brown Gallery. Anita Sarko, Chris Rabish, David Rabin, David Rubin, Alexa Von Tobel. Phillip Bloch, Montgomery Frazer, Robin Bronk (head of the Creative Coalition), Jonathan Segal, CEO of One Group, Rose Kuo, and Eugene Hernandez from Film Scoiety of Lincoln Center and tons of others were on hand munching on bites by John Delucie. I hung in the DJ booth for a bit with pals Jus Ske and Ani Quinn. Everywhere people were toying with gadgets that had transcended the label of toy. More people were playing with the new cellphones than a typical night at a bottle service club. I had fun and that was a big surprise. Microsoft just might be cool again.

Tuesday marked the 19th anniversary of Larry Levan’s passing. For those who were there at the Paradise garage, they can still hear the music and still carry the love that this great human instilled in us. There is little debate on his greatness as a DJ. He led so many on a path of self-discovery. To label him a DJ doesn’t quite tell the story, for he was so much more. He was a spirit that enlightened thousands who gathered in a religious fervor to hear and witness his weekly sermons. He transcended the music as well as his own human weakness. I had the honor to know him and work with him.

Greenhouse celebrates its 3rd anniversary and first without the enigmatic Jon B at the rudder. DJ Cassidy will do the honors along with birthday girl Taryn Manning. In the lounge they have the Chainsmokers and DJ Rashad Hayes. "There will also be a special live performance by one of the top pop and R&B artists of this decade. Not to mention a 5 Ton Elephant" I rarely do. I rarely go to Greenhouse but might tonight. The Sunday party with Susanne Bartsch and Kenny Kenny is still undeniable. Tonight’s shindig is "Benefiting the Earth Organization."

I’m staying in Friday night as I will need all my strength for Saturday. Saturday night I will attend that Smirnoff Vodka, Madonna gala at Roseland, then scoot over to The Highline Ballroom to catch Locksley. That is all.

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