What I’m Missing While I’m At The Beach

I am on a beach in an exotic land and not inclined to speak much today. I’ll take a break from the 86 degrees, surf, and pina coladas to just say this: tonight the amazing Murray Hill and Linda Simpson will celebrate both their birthdays at Hotel Chantelle at their weekly Monday night BINGO. I go every week, but this figures to be gigantic. Alas, I am stuck here on this beach. You should go in my stead as it is the most fun nightlife has to offer.

I’ll be back with a serious tan and a new tattoo Thursday night for my DJ gig at the same Chantelle which me and my team is in the process of renovating. The good operators don’t rest on their laurels; they keep improving and correcting. That’s why they remain successful. Ravi Patel, Frank Alessio, Tim Spuches, Kyle, Tristen, and the rest of the crew keep trying to make it better and that’s why they are crowded and that’s why I talk about them. But this week, BINGO will go on without me and I it.

As the 4AM DJ that I am, I’ll be hosting a shindig that the DJ company is having on Saturday at Highline Ballroom, 431 W. 16th St. Other hosts include Jus-Ske, Jonny "the Lover" Lennon, and Chrissie Miller. It’s all about the 4AM electronic division, with DJs The Chainsmokers, Dalton, Ani Quinn, and Orazio Rispo providing the sounds. There will be performances by Mia Moretti, Caitlin Moe, Pink Cashmere. 

 Oh, the girl in the bikini is beckoning me…sorry, just got to go.

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