Uncle Steve Talks with Downtown Diaries

I like Kristina Marino’s blog the Downtown Diaries. It gives me a fresh and, more importantly, young view of the goings on in downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn. Kristina and I met at the Paper nightlife awards and decided it would be fun to interview each other at the same time over omelets and coffee.

Why are you writing the Downtown Diaries and what do you write about? I was throwing parties and I wanted to keep people engaged. I write about everything below 14th street and Brooklyn. I cover restaurants, nightlife, culture, everything from Nicky Digital to the Boom Boom Room scene.

So where do you hang out? I hang out a lot in Brooklyn. I go to dive bars, concerts in the East Village park, Jelly NYC pool parties. I used to go to McCarren Park to see bands like MGMT and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Now they’re turning it into a real pool. I feel comfy in MePa and Williamsburg as well.

Every Tom, Dick and Dick has a blog what makes yours special? The Downtown Diaries is where real life and nightlife come together. I like to keep it real and take a little bit of a more down to earth approach to the nightlife scene. This city is amazing, and although a lot of it is who you know, there are blogs like mine that fill in the gaps for the things the average person isn’t aware about.

So what’s right and what’s wrong about downtown nightlife? Wrong: not enough diversity in the MePa club clientele. While some people think Brooklyn is a lot of the same faces, at least everyone has an interesting story. I definitely look for that more underground Scene. And right now there isn’t much of that. Since Beatrice closed nothing has taken its place Right: I wanna say the revival of electronic music specifically. The music scene is thriving. It is a very creative time for downtown, with up and coming DJs, bloggers, photographers, new clubs and bars Everything getting back to the roots. Downtown has been revamped

I see a great deal of resistance from people to saingy Beatrice was amazing. Like it would tag them as uncool even though they believe it was the last big thing. Yes, you just don’t say it. But everyone knows it’s true

So where does this go? Eventually, I would like to host showcases and different events with my favorite bands and other acts at my most favorite venues. I want to be the face of what’s fresh and hot down town. The eyes and ears of what’s going on. That is the main goal. And have a Tv show. Or a book deal? Hahahha.

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