Two Patricks, One Birthday Party at Macao

Tomorrow night at Macao (a venue that’s quickly becoming my favorite late night haunt), I will join a birthday celebration for two of my three favorite Patricks. Mr. McMullan and Mr. Fahey are at least a year older, and are clearly having episodes of senility, as evidenced by the decision to have me supply the music. They are both living fantastic, successful, energetic lives, underscoring the concept that 50 is the new 35, a line I used a lot when I was dating.

Patrick McMullan is that fabulous photographer that has spent a lifetime taking so many shots of celebrities that he has become one himself. He has one of the great eyes in the business but his hearing must surely suffer, as he asked me to return as a DJ for this fete, after enduring me at his St. Patrick’s Day Bash at Pacha. Patrick Fahey is that debonair ex-model who has run some of the best saloons in town including, but not limited, to Naked Lunch and Sugar. Sugar of course is now Macao and he is a partner. The crowd at Macao will be adult, hip and fun, a rarity in today’s nightlife universe.

Labor day melts into Fashion Week, which will officially begin this Thursday September 8th, and end next Thursday the 15th. There will be a million parties to go to and very few cabs. The fashion lemmings will be their usual unbearable selves and I will retreat to dive bars and rock clubs for safety. If not for the gift bags I might just stay in Brooklyn. Tonight, the fashion queens will bring it before the week of mayhem starts at “On Top,” that Susanne Bartsch extravaganza on top of The Standard Hotel at Le Bain. All the unusual suspects including Desi Monster, Kayvon Zand and Manny Norena will be all dressed up with someplace to go. Music will be provided by Will Automatic and my hero Johnny Dynell. I’ll stop by to chat with door maiden Andrea and step inside to see the fashion that will hit the runway in about five years. It’s like that and always has been.

Photo Credit: Guest of a Guest

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