Toy’s Grand Opening, ‘All Night Rong’ At Santos’ Party House

I didn’t sleep yesterday. I was awake at 7am having crashed at 3am Wednesday night. Thursday I had design meetings, marketing meetings, I wrote, and I dj’d a 7 hour gig at Hotel Chantelle. I found myself once again at the Olympic Diner where I said yes to the waitrons query "You want the usual?" I was too tired for an adventure so the usual was, as usual, wonderful. I awoke this morning at 11 am and feel great, I think.

I have too much to do so I’m keeping this short and sweet. Every so often I tell you to do something because I think it will answer some of your questions and put a smile, or at least a satisfied smirk, on your face. Tonight absolutely go to Santos’ Party House (96 Lafayette Street) for the launch of "All Night Rong". I love that name. Tonight they open with Dj Harvey., There will be installations and collaborations and it will be wonderful. For all you fools who cry and lament and complain about the state of the nightlife just shut the f@*%X& up and have some fun … if you remember how.
On a completely different tip the Koch Brothers Daniel and Derek and the wonderous Tony Theodore are officially opening Toy in the Ganesvoort Meatpacking. I will go here first and then scoot to that downtown hipster scene at Santos. I love Toy, which has been previewing in the late summer and Fashion Week. It is a welcome addition to the Meatpacking. I loved the Koch bros MPD incarnation before it went poof through no fault of theirs. These guys are gentlemen and I will pay my respects.
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