Thinking of Haiti

It’s hard to speak of the club world when images of destruction fill the media. The club community has many dear friends from Haiti. Kiki, Unik, Pascal, Jacques, Tigra, Dmitri, Joel, Irving, Jeffrey Dread are just a few of the names of the Hatians in our small world. They provide all of us joy and sanctuary, places and events where we can escape for a few hours from that which ails us. Now it’s our turn to ease their pain, to provide answers to questions and solutions for problems we don’t even know about yet. Prayers, money, clothing, water, fuel and fundraising events will soon be asked for and when the calls come we must be ready.

I spoke to my dear old friend Pascal Sugar Menard who suggested we support the Wyclef Jean Foundation by dialing in a contribution. It’s easy. Just text 501501 and then the word “yele”. Yele is Creole for scream. I asked Pascal about his family and was told they had survived, but the devastation is unimaginable. Homes everywhere are destroyed and cars are abandoned as roads are impassable. Those that have homes are sharing with neighbors, but fears of aftershocks and the future collapsing of existing houses are real. Pascal, known for smiles and belly laughs, has been crying all day.

Victor Medina-San Andres has helped organize a benefit with the proceeds going to Unicef at Nikki Beach Midtown Thursday, January 20th. More events will be forthcoming and are extremely necessary in nightclubs. We must do our part to spread the word and organize aid. In nightclubs tables are set up so that people can see the other guy popping bottles and a frenzy of spending begins. Sparklers scream, ‘I’m a big shot look at me.’ It all looks very small, surreal and actually disgusting in view of the devastation. We must create a frenzy of hope and aid. We can all do without a little debauchery, a little conspicuous consumption. The club community must rally around the cause and pop some bottles for those in dire need.

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