The Best Christmas Parties in New York

Yesterday, I gave you 2 posts, and today it will be a half. Christmas has me going bonkers. Trying to get any of the design stuff finished or even worked on is near impossible, but New Year’s looms, and people are needing to get open, if only for that night. Traditionally, I would open my clubs on Thanksgiving and New Year’s if only to provide a place for those who couldn’t travel to family, or for many, many other reasons had no place to go. People move to NY to accomplish or at least chase their dreams, and find themselves far away from those they usually spend Christmas with. The Lewis family Christmas dinner will include a few of these strays, and I urge everyone to look around and see if there is someone you know who could use a place to share in the love.  Bah hum-bugging is not allowed

There are a few joints open Christmas Day/Night. I will be out meeting up with close friends after dinner with the parental units. My first stop will be the Soho Grand, where our dear friend Erika will be bartending from 6pm. I will then pop over to Christie 141 where Sara Copeland is serving up booze and good cheer. I hated 141 Christie when they were calling it Mystique. Apparently enough people agreed to warrant a name change and a rebranding. What better day to give it another chance than Christmas. If I am still looking to party and can find a cab to get around, I will head to Le Poisson Rouge for DJ Rekha’s Christmas edition of Bollywood Disco. DJ Rajstar will join her and visuals will be provided by Fictive.

Thursday is promoter, entrepreneur, and man-about-town Rob Fernandez’s Mega Birthday Bash. The invite shows a very pregnant Rob on the cover of a fictitious magazine called Vanity Fairy. That’s a very in joke for those who wonder how it ever got in in the first place. Benny Soto will be hosting this bash at Dance.Here.Now, his and Rob’s weekly gathering at Cielo. Music will be provided by Oscar G. and Lazaro Casanova

I may not be there, as I am still DJing at Hotel Chantelle every Thurday. This week I am very excited to have Lily of the Valley and Miss Guy start their weekly party in the basement lounge. I love these fellas and the crowd that follows them.

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