Talking To Jonny “The Lover” Lennon About The Newest Incarnation Of Goldbar

I slept through the Mayan thing and this doesn’t feel like heaven. So I’ll offer you something short and sweet and I wish you all a Merry Christmas: I don’t believe that spaces get old. They get tired, maybe even sleepy. I think operators get lazy. I think operators often do not evolve. The revamping of Marquee—which will revealed soon enough—will result in a new day, err night, for a joint that totally dominated it’s niche for seven or eight years. Goldbar had a six-year run for four of those; at least it had a dominant role in its scene. For many reasons, it fell off the radar only to be resurrected again by the good efforts of new owners Shaun Rose, Jonny Lennon, and Udi Vaknin. Jonny "The Lover" Lennon was there before and was a big reason why I, and so many others, embraced the place.

Jonny and I are "bros." In fact, we’re getting "bro" tattoos to solidify it. Okay, I’ll tell you what it will be: cufflinks and cuffs with the words "shoot the cuffs." Goldbar will feature a new sound system, an updated design, a bigger DJ booth, an expanded VIP area, and an art installation featuring Curtis Kulig and Mirf. Tim Cooper designed the cocktails. They tore that platform by the bar down making it comfortable for people that are not Hobbit-sized. I asked Jonny "The Lover" Lennon all about it.

What’s difference and why were those changes made?
We made a couple of changes just to enhance the sound, make more space for guests, focus on our cocktails, and provide better service. I brought in local artists to help support the neighborhood that has supported me for five years. We built a bigger, updated, more functional DJ booth with better equipment, and a new VIP room that represents the maturation of our many clients that grew up here.

Is this a funkier incarnation?
I wouldn’t say funkier. Goldbar has always been funky, but it was also super diverse. We wanted to take the strong points about the music and diversity of the crowd, and focus and enhance them.

Has the neighborhood changed? Is it still developing?
The neighborhood has changed but it still has its core of locals and internationals that call Goldbar home. There are a ton of places opening, which only helps bring out the people.

Were there discussions to change the name? How did it stay Goldbar?
I didn’t have any discussion about changing the name but I wouldn’t have done it under any other name. I always believed in the Goldbar concept.

What is the legacy of the old Goldbar and its six year run? What are the aspirations of the new Goldbar?
I believe the legacy was the music, the design, the hospitality, the staff, and the overall energy. There are kids that grew up in Goldbar, DJs that started at Goldbar and blew up, and international parties that grew here. It’s an internationally recognized brand and if there were any other aspirations, it would be to bring it to more people and inspire more creativity in nightlife.

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