Seven Does a Double Take

imageA commenter recently asked me what was up with The Double Seven, so I decided to find out. They hope to start building by the end of the month, with Dodd Mitchell onboard for design again. It will be a little bit bigger design-wise, and it will be much like The Double Seven, “but with a few twists.” David Rabin told me, “Our goal, design-wise, was to maintain the intimacy that everyone seemed to like about The Double Seven but to take advantage of the slightly larger space.”

There will be three or four new tables and a small kitchen providing a light snack menu — so no more take-out from Pop Burger. And during the warm seasons, there will be outdoor seating for about 6-10 to accommodate High Liners and shoppers. Drinks from Monika Chiang and Milk and Honey guru Sasha will be as they were — which is top notch — and they are working on tweaking the chocolate cocktail, which they helped to introduce. The place will remain a “nightlife for grownups” type of hangout. It won’t be a scream-over-the-DJ kind of place.

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