Scores Opens for Boozeness

Or is that boobness? I got a call from my pal Richie Romero, who is a marketing director at the new Scores New York on 28th Street, around 8 p.m. last night as I was walking my dogs. “Have you written tomorrow yet?” he asked. My mind immediately went to that mural of Joe Strummer east of Avenue A on 7th Street which says, “The future is unwritten,” so I said, “No.” He told me to grab my camera and run over to him at the joint. I felt like Jimmy Olsen; I got the Canon out (see gallery) and changed my shirt as he promised the entire staff was there, and I am still single, and it was a Monday night, and the agenda till then was a book with a Gossip Girl interlude.

Lionel Ohayon of iCrave fame was hired to redo the old Scores and make it grand, and he has succeeded. Jennifer Goldman, director of marketing (I think I met four of those) was gushing like a new mother about the joint. I asked her about the club, and she told me in about 10,000 words how beautiful it was. Her first sentence: “It’s a Vegas experience for the high-end nightclub crowd, bringing back the heyday of Scores from back in the day.” Her last sentence: “Look, they even put in grommets — grommets on the chairs!”

I got a word in and asked if the economy was bringing a different type of person looking for employment. “A stripper is a stripper, and that hasn’t changed,” she said. “It’s hard to tell if the economy is bringing more of them to New York, as the business is seasonal and the Florida girls naturally migrate north with the weather.” She also pointed out that “bachelor party season is starting and that brings the girls to New York — it follows retail.” She gushed about the pink and blue runway, which I referred to as a magic carpet, and the place went wild. Owner Bob Gans, a real down-to-earth gentleman, liked it, and let’s see if I made history. Jennifer felt (along with everyone else in management) that this place is nice enough to function as a club even if it wasn’t a strip joint. I’m teasing her, as she is quite sharp and brings class as well as an enthusiasm, which will ensure success. Director of marketing Ronnie Sherman told me “the city is ready for a place like this.” I agree. I asked him if they were biting their nails a few months back when the economy was tanking; he nodded a yes, but told me he felt that the upswing is perfect for the opening of this new place.

Will Savarese gave me a copy of his “New American” menu, which will be available until 3:30 a.m. Will did wonders at Le Cote Basque (now Benoit). He was raving about his al torchio pasta with dried duck sausage, and for a minute my mind wandered from the 50 or so beauties who were having their orientation. One of the managers, a savvy woman who has seen a few things, yelled, “You know we’re all not going to get along, but we’re all here for the same reason — to make money!” There were 200-plus employees and lots of recognizable management types telling them how it works, while upper-tier execs listened in. Top management, top designer, top chef, topless girls — seems like a winning formula to me.

Scores New York will have a pre-opening party hosted by Strategic Group tonight, followed by the grand opening on Wednesday.

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