Santos’ Party House and the Nightlife Minority Report

Santos’ Party House continues to program incredible and forward thinking music. I visited the joint Friday night with some special friends to see owners Larry Golden and Spencer Sweeney and bartender Sara Copeland because I like their faces but I was also curious how their Friday was doing. It had been known as Q-Tip’s night and I wondered if the night had lost a beat now that Q has moved on. The reclaimed RE-OPEN-ED night now features DJ Just Blaze and DJ Soul upstairs and DJ Gravy, DJ Max Glazer and MC Micro Don downstairs. Just Blaze is a multi-platinum producer who has laid tracks for Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes, Beastie Boys, Mariah Carey, MF Doom, Janet Jackson, Jay Electronica, Kanye West and then some. The night, thanks to such talent, is classic hip hop, house, soul classics, electronic disco and absolutely fantastic.

The crowd is a dance crowd, mixed and hot. That’s writers speak to say that there are more nonwhite people there than most of the so-called “great clubs” around town. It is increasingly disturbing to see the segregation and racism that prevails in nightlife’s current state. I commented to an owner the other day that his club had one black person in it while many were waiting outside. He denied this obvious truth as I stormed out. Whether it is a policy or just the prejudices of my doorman friends, the club world offers few places that mix it like we did back then. A black President doesn’t mean much when a black man gets turned away from the door as uglier, poorly dressed, uncool white guys get in faster.

I took a trip out on the town a week or so ago and saw major hotspots with virtually no nonwhite patrons. Sure, there were a few Asian hotties with their frat-boy boyfriends and there were models of all races. Color is just a fashion statement, or meaningless if you’re beautiful. Outside, the average black or Spanish couple are left waiting. It amazes me how patient they remain. Years of abuse has turned into acceptance. My close friend Brittany Mendenhall is a six foot beauty and has her own nightlife column. She’s wary of going to certain places as she has had trouble in the past. I’m saying it out loud but not quite loud enough that this way is wrong and needs to be addressed.

This night at Santos’ is fantastic and I’m going to try to be a regular. I advise you to be there as well. Downstairs I caught my old friend and nightlife mainstay DJ Max Glazer’s act with Micro Don. It was joyous mayhem as girls, who were out of my league, dragged me to the dance floor. My own dance act wasn’t a pretty sight, although it made people laugh, so how can that be bad? Santos’ is what is left of the days of yore and our complaints, laments and our tendency to wax nostalgic are easily answered by this Friday night party.

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