Resurrection Sunday: Old-School Nightlife Meets New-School At Secret Party With Secret Location

This Sunday, I’m DJing with fellow 4AM DJ Dalton at an off-the-record, on the QT, very hush-hush party with a secret location. Just to make sure I was in the general vicinity at the right time, I wangled out of them that it is in Meatpacking and not "somewhere over the rainbow." The event is called Resurrection Sunday and combines the old-school (that means me) values and effort to nightlife with what’s new and hot (thats Dalton). The promoters are all bottle service girls with followings. Some are out of the game but still connected, others are still working.

They hope that this first event launches their "one-night-only" concept and pays their bills. This won’t be a drop-the-bottle-at-the-table-with-merely-a-smile-and-sparkler gala. Much more is promised, but of course what is a secret is guarded like the Coca-Cola recipe. The pop-up bottle service concept with added attractions appeals to me. I am curious and hopeful that it rewards its "off the record, on the QT, and very hush-hush" producers.

This Sunday, you’re doing a party in a secret location in the Meatpacking, and everyone involved is keeping their identity a secret as well. Why the secrecy?
We are keeping it a secret because we are turning the tables on the current venue owners that we work for. We are tired of working for people when we can do just as good of a job, if not better.

You are all bottle service girls delving into the realm of promoters. I can’t imagine promoters switching and serving booze. Does their job look easy from your perspective?
We are gearing this company to be a luxury pop-up brand. Unlike promoters, we are working for ourselves, and the high-end clientele that we have cultivated from years and years of working for every major nightlife company, from LA and NY to Miami and Vegas. We consider ourselves luxury hosts. With that said, promoters are tremendously important to nightlife and we are in no way discounting their jobs. 

This Sunday’s party is called "Resurrection Sunday." Explain what will happen.
When we all got together, we found ourselves nostalgic of the old- school, fun, exciting, sexy nightlife that we all remember, which is unfortunately dead. What happened to the days of Spy Bar, Cheetah, Spa, Centrofly, Pangea, Lotus, Bungalow, etc.? We want to bring that energy/crowd and mesh it with a drop of current bottle service. This is why Resurrection Sunday was born. We want to mix the old and the new successfully. We feel like nightlife in general is currently in limbo and we would like to change that.

Hopefully this is the first of many, as this Sunday is part of the one-night-only series you have planned. What other kinds of events do you have planned?
We want to do similar pop ups for events such as the Super Bowl, Sundance, fashion weeks, music festivals, award shows, film festivals, etc. We are shooting for 8-10 exclusive pop-ups a year at undisclosed locations.

Giving the client more than the sparkler and the smile is your theory. From your vast experience, what is missing in clubland?
Currently, the focus of nightlife is on the DJs and what money is being spent in the room. Although we understand that a good DJ and spending tables are a necessity of this business, we are mixing those elements with the nightlife that we all miss. We are bringing back hot dancers that can dance, a saxophone player, a drummer, scantily-clad shot girls with premium liquor, and a mix of current as well as old-school promoters, clients, and club personalities. 

You have me DJing the early part of the evening to give it an old-school feel, and DJ Dalton is doing the heavy lifting later on. What music are you expecting? Is there a lack of diversity in club sounds?
Yes, we definitely feel like there’s an element of missing words in the current DJs’ musical choices. We miss rock and roll and some good old fashioned funk and soul music. We are tired of listening to the same beat over and over again and the harsh sounds of ghetto hip-hop. It seems like these are currently the only two options in current nightlife (which is why we love you).

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