Pornstar Heather Pink on Her Relationship with Credit Card Mastermind Andrew Parker

The Steakhouse credit card scandal has many people still incarcerated as the holiday weekend approaches. Few will have sympathy for these devils, but I am feeling sorry for them all. As the facts unfold, it seems impossible that they ever thought they could get away with it. At the center of it all is old pal Andrew Parker, or Pollack, as he was once known before he chose a life of pretending to be anything but what he was. He seemed to have scammed hundreds, and accumulated multiple arrests for credit card fraud and other bad behavior.

This latest bust surely paints him as a career grifter. Growing up surrounded by the privileged, he must have felt slighted and at one point found it easier to scam to obtain a life of luxury rather than work for it, and exist in his own skin. Along the way, he collected watches and fine clothes and, even a porn star girlfriend to satisfy his need to belong, to prove himself. This picture I have painted is based on numerous

conversations I’ve had with old acquaintances of his and my own relationship with him. I caught up with Heather Pink, his so called porn star ex-girlfriend, and asked her about her time spent with Andrew.

How did you meet Andrew?
I met Andrew New Year,’s morning 2005. My friend had a party at their loft in Tribeca the night before. It ran late, and I didn’t feel like going back uptown. At the time, I was living in Boca Raton, FL, but kept an apartment in Midtown. I literally rolled out of bed the next morning and met him. First thing he said to me was that he was hungover and wanted to get a Bloody Mary. I thought he was cute, boyish. I let him give me a massage, we had a drink, and I went home. I was in town for a few days after that, and we were together every day during that time. When I flew home, he would call me several times a day wanting to know what I was doing. Telling me he wanted to come visit, and asking me when I was coming back. I agreed to come back January 15 for my birthday, and he would arrange to have a party for me. It was at 58 where he had been promoting forever. I was supposed to be in town for 3 days, but I ended up moving in instead.

Who did you think he was? How did he represent himself? What exactly was your relationship like? And there was a film made. How did that happen?
In spite of his party boy reputation, we settled in and had a relatively domesticated life. He went to work at the store 6 days a week. I took a sales job there, and helped him run things. I did well with sales, but he really wasn’t paying me much at all. He would talk to a girl he had previously dated, who was a pornstar, and she would go out with Andrew and spend all this money. I had some connections for porn that I knew from Florida, and had even tried to perform, but decided I didn’t like it. He said if I got in he could almost guarantee I would become well known and make a lot of money. There was a tone of resentment in him also that it was costing him money to have me at the store. I doubted him, but I agreed to go to prove that there was no money to be made in porn, then maybe he’d leave me alone about it.

So where did it go?
Turned out that there was money to be made in porn at that time. I started dividing my time between both jobs. 2 weeks a month I’d be at the store, and the other 2 weeks I would be in Los Angeles for shoots. One night, I was at a New York Society event with Andrew and his publicist, when reporters from page 6 approached them and said they recognized me from porn. I was embarrassed. They thought it was great. They ran a couple of publicly pieces about my working at the store. In order to advance my career, it was decided that I should get into directing. Andrew and I found investors to fund the production company, and I found a distributor when we were at the AVN convention in Vegas together. That was pretty much the beginning of the end of our relationship. There is a certain protocol that needs to be followed in order to run any type of adult production to protect you from getting into serious trouble. Legal paperwork needs to be filled out. Sets are closed to bystanders. Andrew thought it would be along the line of a glorified swingers party. He showed up to the sets every day, drunk. He harassed the girls, followed them around, followed them in the bathroom, invited friends to have parties on the set. I managed to get most of the shooting done in about 10 days, then returned to LA for 3 weeks for other projects.

When did you suspect things weren’t what they seemed?
Around that same time, Andrew hired a woman named Joselyn Wohl to work at the store. He said she was weird and ugly but she could bring the right people into the store. I agreed, and didn’t think much of it. My last week in LA I called Andrew’s phone. Andrew didn’t answer, but his friend DJ did, called me a whore, and hung up. I called back twice with the same results. I left a message with Andrew’s mom on her voicemail for him to call me. He called back about 10 minutes later yelling at me for calling his mom. Then he told me his mom saw things on her Amex bill and left notes with his building not to let me in. And if I was ever seen with Andrew, she would cut him off. DJ and the woman that I now understand to be Joselyn Wohl were laughing in the background during this conversation.

And how did it end?
Joselyn and Andrew were dating by then. She acted surprised in the Peter Davis article that he treated her like crap when she watched this first hand. When I returned to NYC, Andrew tried to take money from me and threatened not to give me my things back unless I gave it to him. Also, he never returned my dog and I’ve heard from people he put him in the pound before I even returned to New York.

Did you know Damian Jacas?
I knew DJ obviously, and never liked him. I thought he was crude and needy. I didn’t know why Andrew kept him around when he had very good people available to him as friends. He was involved with stolen cards even back then, and Andrew would talk about how stupid he thought it was.

Who would you want to play you when they make this a movie?
Are there any actresses that are skinny with red hair and big fake boobs? It’s not even so much playing a pornstar that would hurt their career as much as playing Andrew Parker’s girlfriend would.

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