Plumm Outta Room

imageOpenings and closings. Re-inventings and re-hashings. Clubdom is reeling like a Detroit car company. Now Plumm, Noel Ashman’s three-year-old celeb boite, is expanding to accommodate its celebrity crowd — they need a bigger place but don’t want to go anywhere. I caught up with Noel in the unused Plumm basement lounge while Saturday night raged up above. I was rather surprised as I was being whisked to Noel’s table — not only was the place packed, but the crowd was hot. Not “three years ago hot,” but better than the other places I was hitting that night. A steady stream of hip hop treats led me to Noel’s table, only to realize that he wasn’t there. I glanced up to see who was playing, and there he was: DJ Ashman. Noel offered two more tunes, and we headed downstairs to see what could be done.

When the joint was Nell’s, I was a regular at the downstairs bar. It hasn’t changed significantly, but I was there to talk about change. We were joined by the dapper Tim Spuches and entrepreneur Damon Dash (who has an interest in the joint). An hour of “we could put this here and that there” resulted in a plan. The entire time we were meeting, young ladies heading to the restroom politely asked if they could pose for a snapshot with Damon. He accommodated every request with a pose and a smile. Noel looked at him at one point and said, “I don’t know how you do it,” referring to the constant “heys” and poses. Damon is just great about it.

I’ve got the plan in order and am mulling over design ideas. Decorating will start as soon as the investment loot is put in place. That shouldn’t be as hard to do as last month. I’ve been approached by a couple of Wall Street types interested in putting money in places with reliable operators. A great joint can return investment at a much better rate than stocks and real estate, even during the Dow 1400 days. Now with stocks and condos becoming real risky business, loot is looking for creative places to land. A bonus is that girls who never glanced once at you might start glancing twice.

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