Outlaw Group Art Show Opening Downtown Tonight

Robert Aloia has invited me to his Outlaw Group Art Show, presented by 2feet12inches and opening tonight. I even contributed a piece to the show. No, silly; I’m not painting, but I do possess an original painting by my real outlaw pal Michael Alig. Michael’s still up in the big house doing hard time for murder and other not-so-nice things. It’s been 14 years so far. He spends his hard time painting and writing and planning a future. I have shown the piece around smart art types and the general consensus is "Wow." He seems to have talent. Speaking of talent, I will be DJing this shindig from 8pm till 9pm before I have to rush off to Hotel Chantelle for my regular Thursday night gig which is so much fun. I have a special guest, and they’re adding some talent to the promotional side so I’m psyched.

The Outlaw Art Show will be at the White Box Gallery (329 Broome Street, between Bowery and Chrystie) It will be hosted by Dominic Chianese, John “Bloodclot” Joseph, and Bill Spector. Contributing artists include Alex Arcadia, Alfredo Martinez, Charles Hardwick, Chino, Christophe Roberts, Curtis Kulig, Donald Gajadhar, Doug Landau, Dr. Dax, Ghost, Giannina Gutierrez, Hugh Gran, Ilene Byers, Jayson Atienza, Jesper Haynes, Joey Glover, John Perry, Josh Wallman, Juna Skenderi, Justin Carty, Kinjal Mitra, Leyman Duky, Mare, Michael Alig, Michael Jarvis, Michelle Reyes, Minka Sicklinger, Mint & Serf, Nemo Librizzi, Pablo Power, Paul D. Edwards, Pork, Richard Alvarez, Savior Elmundo, Senz, Shauna Figueroa, Spam, Strider, Tony Chan, Xaviera Simmons, and 13thWitness.
After I run off to work, real deal DJs including Jazzy Nice, Jonny Santos, DJ Shakey (Julie Covello), Sal Principato, Shorty, Small Change, Herbert Holler will take it to another level. There will be films and performers and such as well. The show is curated by Robert Aloia, Brent Bartley, Frankie Cedeno, and Laksmi Hedemark. The bar is hosted by Citysip.com and features Brooklyn Gin, Domaine de Canton, Ilegal Mezcal, and Skalli Wines. My set includes Born to Wild, I Fought the Law, State Trooper, Working on a Chain Gang, and all sorts of Outlaw stuff. It’s going to be so much fun.
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