Nur Khan Responds to WTF Gossip, Alacran Tequila Turns Pink

Yesterday’s story, which dealt with swirling rumors, was apparently well-read as I got lots of complaints about its veracity. I though it was clear that it was only rumors from unreliable sources, but it seems to have stirred things up. The retooling of the TriBeCa Grand will not include my pal Nur Khan, who chewed my ear off for putting my foot in my mouth for things I heard with my very own big ears. Good thing I have such a handsome nose. Nur made it clear that he was extremely happy with The Electric Room. He told me "… I love the Electric. Any rumors that I am leaving are 100 percent unequivocally untrue. I have a lease. I love the space, pour my heart and soul into it…Why would I want to leave? It’s extremely successful albeit small. False rumors."

That’s from the horse‚Äôs mouth. He told me how he was completely devoted and was going to "grow the brand".

I looked up at the Empire State Building last night and it was all bathed in pink light. It took me a minute, but then I remembered it was for Breast Cancer Prevention 2012. On Facebook this morning I was tagged by liquor hawker Arty Dozortsev. The tag was for a matte pink version of the usually black Alacran Tequila bottle, in honor of breast cancer awareness. Alacran will donate money from sales of this bottle. Alacran is a superior product that I endorse because it makes statements like these for good causes.

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