Natural Disasters & Drag Queen Bingo at Stand-Up NY

It’s looking real dark out there. Tonight may be your last night to party, as Hurricane Irene is promising weather realness. One club owner with a huge event on Saturday was contemplating canceling the affair, and may be moving it until next Friday. I’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile, all over town saloonkeepers are discussing cutting staff or closing altogether. We here in the Big Apple usually poo-poo these natural phenomena, as way too many false alarms have made us feel impervious to such events.

And yet the winter blizzards are still on our minds and this ginormous storm seems to have us in her sights. I can’t recall a good experience involving an Irene. The earthquake last week made us tough guys seem a little more vulnerable to Mother Nature’s whims. My favorite spiritualist says these things happen in threes…earthquake, hurricane—what could be next? Locusts? Meteorite showers? I scoured the internet for a clue and came to the conclusion that tonight’s Drag Queen Bingo at Stand-Up NY might just be the perfect storm. It might be that number three.

Stand-Up NY sits way up there at W. 78th Street. Linda Simpson will host her Bingo soiree starting at 10:30pm. I rarely venture north of 23rd Street, which is the new 14th Street, but I will surely attend. This will be a blast. Her Bingo with Mr. Murray Hill on Mondays at the Bowery Poetry Club continues to sell out and I am an irregular there.

The case of the Russian patrons buying 90 bottles of high end champagne and lots of other spirits at the infamous Billionaires Club in Sardinia — and then skipping out on the bill — must also be spurring management meetings all over town. The bill of 86,000 Euros, which I think is the equivalent of $125,000 (depending on how many bucks the Fed decides to print), has the Sardinian paramilitary police all in a tiff. The bill was guaranteed to a yacht, the Kismet, and all that, but it seems the joint is just going to have to Kiz’ those Euros goodbye. I read that they were just one group of many blowing through loot, spraying champagne on each other, and their antics didn’t raise an eyebrow. A bunch of young dudes spending 86,000 Euros on grape juice and nobody pays particular attention? And there are artists starving in Bushwick….The perps were described as “eight young Russians.” Be on the lookout! This may turn out to be a good thing, as I bet many a promoter type might be thinking of packing their bags and heading to Sardinia to get in on the action. Last night I told one such promoter fellow that I had actually visited Sardinia once. Wondering if they had the amenities he had become accustomed to, he asked me, “Oh, how did you find it?” I told him, “I made a right at Corsica.” Bada bing! I know, I know, you’ve heard that one before. Stick around and you’ll hear it again. I’ll be here all week, unless I drown.

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