My Birthday: The Day After

Before I head to B.east tonight to play with DJ Jennifly and her friends at her Hustle party, I will attend the new opening at the Fuse Gallery. The attraction is “Songs,” an exhibition that “features a number of works from a number of mediums. Each work in the exhibition was influenced by the words of the artists’ favorite songs, and how the words impact and influence the work they make.” Among the too-many-to list-here artists are Mick Rock, Steve Powers, Alex Arcadia, Tim Barber, Leo Fitzpatrick, Angela Boatwright, Kembra Pfahler, Anton Perich, and Spencer Sweeney.

Spencer, of course, is one of the fabulous owners over at Santos’ Party House. My phone was ringing off the hook last night as the reOPENed party was slamming. DJs Just Blaze, Micro Don, and my pal Max Glazer were in charge of the music, and there was a birthday party for Downtown Emily Brown. I was under the weather and covers. I wasn’t so much birthday hungover as needing a break in general. I wish I had gone out because my pals say last night at Santos was all that it could be, and with its Jim Toth sound system and multiple levels, it can really move. It’s great to have Santos back and banging. When it is solvent and not harassed by cops, it is one of the places that I must be. Tonight I’ll pop in late to check out the Donuts are Forever 5 gala. Rare Form will present this event with DJ Rich Medina, DJ Spinna, DJ Parler, OP!, Sam Champ, DJ Chela, and DJ Tara.

I will be out and about with my Amanda and’s Director of Events, as well as my regular Monday night bingo partner Dani Baum. She is celebrating her birthday, and a night out with Uncle Steve was her desire. She worships Mick Rock and can’t wait to see his contribution and possibly meet the man at the Fuse thing. She also curates her own blog, The Frogge, and more importantly she’s an actor. She constantly rants and raves about StyleLikeU, and has me as a believer. The Fuse Gallery is that milky white, sparkly clean room situated at the back of my favorite down and dirty hang, Lit. I am constantly at Lit, which reinvents itself continuously with fresh art and the extravaganzas and parties that invariably follow. It’s the kind of joint that’s relevant when it is empty or when it’s full. The staff, the consistently wonderful music, art, and events, have made it my go-to spot for over seven years. I will go tonight.

I received an invitation for tomorrow night to sample the new restaurant Ember Room, from my old pal Todd English. I am looking forward to hanging with Todd, who collaborated with Ian Chalermkittichai on the cuisine. For those of you who don’t keep up, Todd and I kissed and made up eons ago. I think we both acted out and regretted it. I am thrilled with his continued success and will be there to support him.

Lastly, I am thrilled by the article in the January/February Hospitality Design magazine about The Darby. It feels great when your work is recognized in such a prestigious magazine. The magazine quotes me a few times, and my usually swelled head may need a bit of always-handy lube to get through my front door. I must take the opportunity to congratulate my partner Marc Dizon, who was not quoted or mentioned in the article despite his tremendous contribution to the project. Marc is my friend, and more importantly the reason that I can fully bake some of my half-baked ideas. The Darby was one part inspiration, another part perspiration, and many parts Marc Dizon.

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