Ludlow Manor & Electric Room Revitalize the Rock Scene

I took a tour of Ludlow Manor, a quite large restaurant/club/lounge on the south side of Delancey and Ludlow. It’s right across the street from Hotel Chantelle. The joint will open this Friday, with owners Georgie Seville and Luc Carl doing the inviting. It is the sister club to The Delancey, that wildly famous joint just east. The owner of that joint, Robert, is hanging out behind the scenes letting the rock studs run with it. I worked with Georgie back in the day, and he is pure Rock and Roll Hootchie Koo. This makes me happy. I am a rocker to my core, and am pleased to have another joint where I can hang.

Joining Georgie as a partner is former St. Jerome honcho Luc Carl. Yeah, that guy. I asked the publicist if he was still dating Gaga, and then withdrew the question. Sorry I brought it up. He’ll be making things run right on the second floor Casino room. This has a separate entrance on Ludlow street. If he’s not there, you can catch him on Sirius/XM Channel 39,

 Hair Nation. He has a book coming out in March called The Drunk Diet (St. Martins), about losing weight without giving up booze. His Drunk Diet blog has garnered over a million hits.

Ludlow Manor has a roof to die for, with 20-foot ceilings and a retractable roof for warm weather, and a very bubbly wading pool in the center. Like The Delancey, large tropical trees and lush foliage add to its charms. I didn’t notice when I was there, but was told later that the requisite lounging beds in this case are water beds. There are miles of stairs so be prepared. The first floor boasts a long bar and familiar talent behind it. They’re serving food along with the booze. This Friday’s DJ lineup includes Alexandra Richards, Nick Cohen, and of course, Luc Carl.

Another rock and roll joint that always gets my attention is Nur Khan’s Electric Room under the Dream Downtown. To enter, patrons must travel down the parking garage ramp which is adorned by paintings by art player Harif Guzman. I caught Harif the other night as I was heading down to the club. He was holding court, er, ramp, with a bevy of beauties including Margot Bowman, who DJs in Paris and London, and threw a long-running party there. Her painted jacket had me drooling. They are rock and roll hootchie koo. Margot Bowman is an artist, illustrator, designer, as well as a DJ. She is the creative director of The Estethetica Review, a publication focused on ethical fashion published biannually in conjunction with the British Fashion Council. Other ongoing projects include the Painted Truths series for Notion magazine, and Another Fashion Cartoon for Another magazine, and

Rock is coming back stronger than ever, and the Electric Room  provides an outlet for the set that doesn’t feel comfortable anymore in the grungier joints (where I live).This crowd just can’t get into the R&B, hip-hop offerings found at most clubs, and considers the mash up or mixed format DJ scene unacceptable. House doesn’t do it for them at all. Electric Room is a playground for rockers with a little success in their pockets.

When you talk of rock, hootchie koo, and all that, purists will mention the Bush Tetras. They never quite made it out of the scene to stardom, but carved out a reputation as a real-deal band in the ’80s no wave scene. What separates bands from arenas and big paychecks can often be lack of a great song, but the Tetras had a few including "Too Many Creeps"(1981) and "Can’t Be Funky"(1982). Too many creeps and wannabes often cash in, while some great talent never breaks out. The original bassist for the Tetras, Laura Kennedy, passed Monday after a long battle with liver disease. We offer condolences.

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