Liam McMullan: Chip Off the Old Block

I’ve hung out with Liam McMullan in nightclubs for about 21 years. When I met him he was in no condition to even say my name or, for that matter, much of anything else. It wasn’t because he was inebriated or under the influence: it’s because he was a baby. A party baby. New York nightlife grew up with Liam. His famous dad, photographer Patrick McMullan, is a constant at fabulous affairs, openings, and shindigs. Patrick’s documented the scene since the Warhol days. He is one of the good guys in a biz that sometimes attracts baddies. Liam’s gal Aesha Waks and I are old friends as well. Through her I’ve rekindled my friendship with Liam. They are constantly in the papers and blogs, constantly doing interesting things. They are usually inseparable, but I managed to get a few questions in as Liam rushed off to DJ at Eastside Social Club, a place his dad owns a piece of.

Your dad is the uber famous photog Patrick McMullan. I first saw you as a baby in hip downtown clubs. When did you realize that Dad wasn’t like the other dads? I always knew that Dad was different than other dads, but it wasn’t only the time that I spent with him at the clubs that made me see he was different. Most people tell me that I have the coolest and kindest dad and I see that more and more every day—even when he’s lecturing me. I feel like he is everyone’s dad in a way. I feel like I have many brothers and a huge family even though I am an only child and my parents live separately.

What is your earliest club memory? I feel like a club has always been like my second home. I grew up with nightclubs as a part of my life since I was a baby. I remember I used to dress up as Batman. Other kids only had the life that we shared at the playground and probably wouldn’t have understood the nightlife at that age.

You must have tons of club Uncles and Aunts. Tell me about that? Yeah, that is a funny way to put it but, yes. Many people tell me how small I was when they first saw me at the club. Some people measure the height from the ground and others make shapes with both their hands. Do you remember the first time you saw me? How old was I when we were in the backroom of Life?

You must have been 8ish. I, like many others, saw you as a baby. I can see how young you were in my mind but can’t remember the club. Anyways, now you take photos, but I understand you’re not following in your Father’s footsteps. Tell me about your photo style? I actually take lots of pictures, I post some on my Facebook. I let people tag themselves in my photo’s for the most part. Some people tag themselves into pictures that they aren’t even in. I’m starting a blog where I will post all of my pictures, but it is not fully developed yet. My Father’s footsteps are hard to follow because he is always running around town. The closest thing to following his footsteps would be to log onto and see where he was the night before and I think there are many people that follow him daily. I do want to help lead my Father’s company to the next level.

You DJ a lot . Where and what do you play? I Play a mix of Disco and Techno with lots of hot 80’s jam’s thrown in. I really don’t plan ahead and I just play whatever comes to mind.

Your relationship with Aesha is a tabloid constant. What does she do for you to complete you and what do you do for her? Aesha and I get a fair amount of attention on blogs and perhaps in an occasional magazine. They never talk about any of our projects. Aesha and I complete many of one another’s professional projects, ideas, and concepts. We spend all of our time together. I love Aesha so much and I want to see her succeed and get press for things that she works so hard on, like her diet book “The Model Body.”

What don’t people know about Liam that you’d like them to know? I am actually a very serious person. I rarely go out unless it’s for business. I have an internet show with my friend Shaggy. We have been on hiatus for about a year and a half, but the news was so ahead of its time that it’s probably just getting to you now. Anyway, we show music video shorts and we tell you the news. We are gonna start back up soon! Check it out at, otherwise known as “The latest show on earth.”

Is there fun in clubland? What do you want more of? Less of? To me, clubland seems like a wasteland. I would rather be at home writing music with Aesha or designing clothes or working on scripts. I’d like to see more people smoking in clubs and less shitty music from the 90’s. They aren’t all the way cool yet.

What are you going to be when you grow up, or did I miss something? The real question is, what am I going to be before I grow up? You must have missed something, because I do way too much. Most things I don’t want to talk about until I can say them for sure, but I am writing and producing a few TV and movie projects. When I do grow up, I want to have lots of cute little babies and live happily ever after.

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