Le Royale Pain In the Ass

Last week, Down By The Hipster reported that Le Royale, the fun, music-driven joint on Leroy Street, was closing. DBTH later retracted the statement. I think Scott got it right the first time. A swarm of weekend phone calls from employees and people in the know annoyed my friends as we sipped pineapple juice at Fannie Chan’s poolside Thompson LES weekly. This story is confusing with partners not speaking and a sale seemingly needing only a dot of an ‘I’ or cross of a ‘t’ to be real. Terry Casey, an owner and the face of the place, is himself unclear as to what will happen and when.

I asked him for a statement and he offered, “Le Royale is my attempt at a good music-meets-social-club for New Yorkers. My responsibilities are to deal with the music and social aspects, and my partner David Baxley’s responsibilities are to deal with the financial side of the business. He is looking to exit Le Royale, and I do not wish to exit Le Royale. However, at this time, I have been spending most of my time with the opening of my new club in Williamsburg with Magna and Felix Da Housecat doing the opening nights.” Whatever happens, it seems this will be resolved by week’s end. One prominent employee was planning a going away soiree and looking for a gig.

News comes that Pink Elephant might be on the move. One source told me that sliding into the Le Royale fray was a possibility, but I haven’t gotten around to make that call. My source tells me that M2 operating owner, Joey Morrissey, has been coveting the space since he made his move on Mansion. To my readers that don’t know, Pink Elephant was the VIP room at the Crobar space, and it was parceled out to Pink as the rest became the club Mansion. Now Joey has a pink eye and wants it bad. I cant tell if Pink is moving, as 27th street no longer is inhabitable by its clientele, or if Joey is being aggressive and forcing them out. My source tells me “that M2 needs a place to service its better customer.” Joey sees only a small door between him and that space and has been wanting it forever, and although I don’t have a great deal of backup on this story, it seems to make sense for all involved.

My Saturday night was just grand. There is something wonderful that happens at the end of summer each year. Almost everyone I don’t want to be around politely leaves and parties in places like the Hamptons and, what’s the name of that place?… oh, New Jersey. I walked down to Apotheke to listen to my pal Jennifly DJ. It was a nice night, and I strolled through an empty Little Italy and Chinatown. The smell of old fish, dead rats, and moldy vegetables made me think I should have gone yellow cab. I switched to The Bowery, and my lazy journey paused in front of the Golden Bridge Restaurant, where one door said open every day at 9 a.m., and the door next to it said open every day 9:30 a.m. Apotheke is on Doyers Street, which is hard to find, even for Chinatown residents. A wind-whipped plastic bag attacked me as I tried to enter the little street. I was reminded of American Beauty and tried to find the love in it, until it went for my head. As I entered Apotheke, I heard Jennifly’s soulful offerings. It was the perfect set for the perfect room. As I walked towards the DJ booth, she was playing “Big Fun” by Inner City, and the lyrics hit my mood exactly; “we don’t need a crowd to have a party, just a funky beat and you get started…” The crowd was heavy with administrative assistants, a gal Friday or three, some right-hand men and even a couple of lefts, leftovers of the Hamptons migration, enjoying muddles and concoctions from some of the best mixologists in town. Jennifly’s (Jennifer Green) soulful set will keep me coming back for more. I was a bit muddled by the strawberry fennel thing I had at the bequest of Jennifer’s sis. I don’t drink normally, but I needed to taste nirvana; it really was good.

Next stop—Civetta—to visit the beautiful Kelly Hubert in her lounge party downstairs. I connected with Brittney Mendenhall, of ChiChi212 and chatted about the new look of her blog, which re-launches today. We left in a flash and went to join the extravaganzas with Patricia Fields and her house “AT THE HOUSE OF LATEX BALL” at Roseland. This event, benefiting the GMHC, was over the top. I agreed to let Brittney do all the coverage on this and then took her up to Pacha for Junior Vasquez’s birthday bash. He was, as I saw him a few months ago at Cielo, happy as a clam, playing a big room to a devoted following. Pacha seems to have survived the city’s attempt to close it down forever. The club was filled with Junior’s positive vibe and the need for a true and pure house mega club was apparent to all. Fannie Chan’s pool party washed away the pain from the marathon the night before. Returning home at 7 a.m. is not the norm for me anymore. As I sat by the pool, I heard someone repeatedly refer to the hotel owner as Jason ‘Pomegranate’ instead of ‘Pomerantz’. That and a steady infusion of pineapple juice and bikini clad beauties cleared my Apotheke muddled brain. It was the shortest summer ever with all the rain and cold spells, and I enjoyed DJ Jason Angola’s mellow set while chatting with old friends. I was having big fun.

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