Koch Fight: Derek & Daniel Brawl

No, it really isn’t pronounced that way — but nonetheless, there will be a fight between those dynamic twins Derek and Daniel Koch. Its all for a good cause: the 3rd Annual Fight Night & Poker Tournament benefit for Sunflower Children. The event is co-hosted by Russell Simmons, World Series of Poker winner Jamie Gold, supermodels Paulina Porizkova, Helena Houdova, and Lane Carlson, and gala sponsor, environmentalist, and Wall Street honcho Tim Kelly. This year, the black-tie gala will honor music legend Quincy Jones; it will be held this Friday, November 6, at the Hammerstein Ballroom from 6pm until late. The late-night after-party will be hosted by the twins themselves. Proceeds will support Sunflower Children’s SaveABaby initiative. Derek, Daniel, and I had a quick snack and chat yesterday at Cafe Gitane.

Who’s older, and by how much? Derek: I am, by one minute.

How did you get involved with this event? Daniel: Our friend Tim Kelly asked us to host the after party, and Derek said let’s do more, let’s fight — that’s something we can sell. Derek: We’ve always been competitive with each other and with everyone else as well, and we made a deal with Tim. He put us in with a couple of pros to train us for the fight, and we gave up drinking for 60 days. We stopped drinking on September 6.

What’s that like? You have a weekly party — how does not drinking affect that? Derek: It’s hard. People expect you to stop at their table and have a drink. Daniel: It’s almost insulting, and we hope people understand, but we stuck to our guns and trained hard. It’s for a great cause.

Have you guys fought competitively before? Daniel: Well, we’ve always been at each other’s throats, since we were kids. Derek: We wrestled in college back in Ohio. We’ve been training hard. Tim got us Regilio Tuur and Angel Rivera to train with, and I can’t praise these two guys enough. They’re the consummate pros.

Are you guys really going to go at it and try to win? Derek: I dare him to try to win . That’s not possible. It’s going to be full on — two rounds, three minutes each, six minutes.

But Daniel seems a bit bigger — maybe 8 to 10 pounds — and he’s younger. Daniel: That’s right! This is going to be a great event for a great charity. It’s great to raise awareness and help raise money for these children. Derek: Tim Kelly’s our boy, and we thank him for including us.

You guys are responsible for taking the night out of nightlife. Your Saturday brunches — first at Merkato 55, now at the garden at Revel — have people partying from noon to 6. Is Revel all you do? Derek: Thank you. Our brand, day and night, also includes our summer party at the Capri hotel in Southampton. Daniel: We also host a table for our friends on Thursdays at 1Oak.

Who’s going to win the fight? Derek, Daniel: I will! Derek: You will just have to show up at the Hammerstein this Friday to find out, won’t you, Steve.

From the press release:

The evening will feature a Vegas style Texas hold ’em poker tournament, boxing and martial arts contest, a fashion show sponsored by Ford Models, produced by Victoria’s Secret and Fashion week producers DMFASHIONSTUDIO and Obo. A live auction, announced by Patrick Tully, will highlight the evening. Auction items include: a luxury getaway to Richard Branson’s private and exclusive Necker Island; a Cannes Film Festival experience package with an exclusive villa, lunch at Hotel du Cap and tickets to red carpet film premieres; an opportunity to be a judge in a models casting for the 2010 fashion week and a private dinner with 15 top models. In addition, Wall Street Broker Tim Kelly has brought together some of Wall Street’s most respected businessmen, to compete with one another to help raise funds for Sunflower Children. The tournament will feature six consecutive fights including the disciplines of Western Boxing and Muay Thai. Among the fighters are trader Mike Bloom of DRW Commodities; Broker Dane Carillo of Chatham Energy; Mike Dixon of Chicago Trading Company; Dan Harrington of DRW Commodities; and professional Muay Thai fighters Sean Hinds and Alex Ricci. Poker players will compete for valuable prizes that include custom jewelry, exclusive getaways and The Ultimate Poker Experience — a never before offered prize with an estimated value of $100,000 to non-poker players and priceless to any poker enthusiast. The winner of this prize will receive a seat in the next World Series of Poker, remote and on-site coaching from Gold, round trip airfare, accommodations and a five days stay in Las Vegas. A lavish dinner, created by chef Nicolas Cantrel from the French-inspired restaurant Bagatelle, will be served to premium guests. All guests will be invited to enjoy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres until 12:30 a.m.”

Derek and Daniel will take everyone later. Each day, approximately 1,800 children become infected with the HIV virus. The SaveABaby initiative is dedicated to preventing the transmission of the disease from mother to child:

The program enables HIV positive expectant mothers to deliver healthy, HIV-FREE babies. in some of the world’s poorest countries. Patients are provided medical, nutritional, and educational care throughout their entire pregnancy and delivery and are offered free transportation to and from the organization’s clinics. Expectant mothers are able to learn how to control their own HIV and how to prevent passing it on to their children after birth. Please purchase tickets@ www.dualgroupe.com. For tables it’s {encode=”events@dualgrouope.com” title=”events@dualgrouope.com”} or call 212 755 1222 x 14

Oh, and for a record, I’m betting a buck on the old dude.

Speaking of old dudes, I will bring my ancient case logic of CDs to Aspen Social tonight to spin at Greg Brier’s birthday. I don’t know how old Greg is; after a certain age, some people stop telling. He is starting to look pretty awful, and I guess I believe his left hand, Kevin Crawford, who says “He’s got to be like 66, right?” I will be DJing with the legendary Tommy James. We will be ping-pong-ing — that’s when one dude puts on a song, then the next guy tries to out-do him. Over the years Tommy has stolen my entire set, so it will be like playing with myself. Since I’ve been married twice, I’m used to that. Greg is the owner of such properties as Amalia, Highbar, Aspen, Aspen Social, and D’or. He’s actually a really nice person — when he isn’t drinking, and I hear he is going to stop sometime next year. As avid readers know, I only drink two or three times a year (whenever I have sex), but I guess I’ll have to enjoy one tonight in honor of Greg and those incredible Yankees.

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