Jen Gatien’s ‘Limelight’ Documentary Premieres Next Week

I am weak from Fashion Week. I have writer’s block and writer’s cramp. I’m discombobulated, disillusioned, distressed, disabled, dyslectic, disappointed, and disturbed. I don’t know which end is up and I’m feeling low down. So, today this will be short and sweet and not too neat. Tonight I will follow one of my not-too-lost leaders Nur Khan to Hiro for Crystal Castles. He says there might be “more after” and I believe him, as he’s a truthful human being and delivering a good time is his mission.

I saw Crystal Castles at Don Hills when Paul Sevigny, Nur and Don showed us all that things could still be all that they could be. I’m excited about tonight’s show, as unlike every other event this week, I won’t have to think about what to wear. I’m eating at MPD right before catching up with Daniel and Derek Koch. They’ve had a busy summer. I have rsvp’ed to the Manero Party at Skylight West which I have not been to—I don’t think so, at least.

I guess that’s the point…my thinking isn’t where it should be, and next week promises to be a mess as well. Amanda scolded me about the mess on my desk and I pointed to my forehead and replied, “You should see what’s going on in here.” I think Vonnegut said that. My next week will be dominated by the official premiere of the Limelight documentary that Jen Gatien produced and Billy “Cocaine Cowboy” Corbin directed.

Limelight documents the rise and fall of Peter Gatien, Michael Alig, tons of other peeps, and that guy who used to be Steve Lewis as well. I am being stopped on the street by strangers who have seen the trailer. My dentist looked down at my eyes instead of my bleeding mouth and said “Hey, I saw you in that movie preview.” Yes that was me and that is the great scandal, which will always be linked to my bio. I will always proclaim my innocence and those who believe me will and those that won’t, just won’t. It matters not to me. Those that support me and love me and believe in me have always outnumbered my detractors. I definitely was pushing the envelope back then and definitely got knocked on my ass but I believe the measure of a man is how he picks himself up after the big fall. I looked at the abyss and came through.

My current endeavors have redefined my brand and I don’t miss the old Steve Lewis…very often. This flick will bring you there. It will show you the players and the thinking and define the dangerous world of the legendary clubs I was part of. Today’s operators worry about the competition, bottle sales and promotion. We had that and lots of real deal gangsters to deal with. I think the movie is great and I’m anxious to see the final cut. Now I have to put on the cheap suit, the almost real smile and rush off into the fray. Piece out…I like that but it’s kind of corny.

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