Jamie Mulholland Teases His Return to New York

If you find the weather outside frightful and are seeking a destination that’s delightful, I have an idea. Book yourself a trip to the Bahamas and join the Cain at the Cove 4th Anniversary Party, next Saturday, November 12th. DJ Cassidy will join Stan Courtois from Paris, and the jet-set and Cain flock will be in full force. It could be déjà-vu, all over again. Cain was a legendary club anchoring a West Chelsea gathering of joints that included Bungalow 8, Marquee, and Pink Elephant. Owner Jamie Mulholland has been a little low on the NYC radar compared to then, but his Goldbar, anchored by its smashing Sunday Funday party and man-about-town Jon Lennon, still thrives. His Surf Lodge has just enjoyed its biggest season yet. News comes that something new is in the works, and I asked Jamie all about it, and the anniversary.

Tell me about what you are up to, your lifestyle, and business development? After taking a bit of a hiatus from opening anything new to enjoy my son and family, I have aggressively been looking with Conquest Advisors to open my new concept in New York. I have been refining the concept over four years and feel it is now the right time to do it. I have been spending a lot of time in the Bahamas at Cain at The Cove Atlantis, The Surf Lodge in Montauk, and also Goldbar in New York.

You seem to have chosen surf over turf. Is the life better for you with not so much of a presence in NYC? Ha! No, not really, mate. I am ready to do this new concept and have been working hard at assembling a strong team.

Tell me about the anniversary party. We are celebrating four great years in the Bahamas. We have a great line-up planned on the island for the weekend, including DJs Cassidy, Stan Courtois, and Frank Delour. I am looking forward to celebrating with all our friends that have been supporting us for the last four years.

Talk to me about Goldbar. I am really proud of GoldBar. It has a loyal following that has been with us consistently for four years. A lot of the credit is due to the incredibly warm staff, it is very much like a family. Jonny Lennon has worked hard at the music format and programming, and it is big reason why this venue has had such stamina. I love the venue and think it remains one of the most fun rooms in New York.

In Casablanca, it is said that the fundamental things apply as time goes by. What are the fundamentals in hospitality, and do they always apply, or is change itself fundamental to the biz? Well the business is always evolving, and there are certain things that are always taking different strategic paths, like the marketing and conceptual approaches. But I would have to say the fundamentals of this business, like the service and true hospitality never change, and are the roots of our business. When you look at the current state of affairs in NYC nightlife, you need to assess what is missing and what is in too much abundance.

This is obviously just my view and not necessarily the correct one, but I feel that there is a real lack in creativity at the moment. And I don’t mean that in reference to just design. There are places that we have all experienced that truly are living and breathing spaces, that have a life of their own, a soul. In a city like New York, we should be seeing a lot more than there has been recently. I think our business has become too cookie-cutter and lifeless.

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