Honoring Mark Kamins With None Other Than A DJ-Filled Party At Santos

The passing of Mark Kamins was a definite shock and awww (editor Bonnie spelled correctly!) event. His passing in February made us all a bit more mortal, a lot more empty, and had us all thinking back to our misspent youths… well, spent anyway. Mark’s legacy includes names like Madonna, David Byrne, and Ofra Haza, and almost "everybody" of importance in the downtown DJ/music scene. An event called Mark & Cetera – a pow-wow of "everybody" – will celebrate his life. Santos Party House, 96 Lafayette, will host the party on Wednesday, April 17th.

The band Konk will perform for the first time since 1986. Other performances will include Crystal Ark, Nomi Ruiz, Coati Mundi, Strafe, Johnny Dynell, John Robbie with Harmony Trujillo, and the debut of the Pow Wow Band.

DJ sets by Mike Pickering, Jellybean Benitez, Veronika Vasicka, Justin Strauss, Stretch Armstrong, Eric Duncan, Francois K, WorldWarWalter, Jazzy Nice, Bill Bahlman, Mark Elias, Mark Fotiadis, Kip Lavinger, Ivan Ivan, Delphine Blue, Dodo Almaas, Walter Vee, Jody Kurilla, and more will bring us back to the glory days of Danceteria and Area.

A $20 donation to support the Mark Kamins Scholarship Award in electronic music is being collected.

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