Halls Cough Drops’ Search For ‘America’s Coolest Bouncer’

It has been a winter of discontent for those of us living in the northeast. Sandy shook and rattled us to our very core. The snowstorm that followed a few days later was literally the icing on the cake. Then came a cold unrelenting winter that has us all wondering what that Al Gore was smoking. I bought a whole lot of hand warmers, new sweaters, and a coat just to keep up with his global warming. I also bought a lot of Halls Cough Drops to keep me talking. When I’m not writing I’m talking. When the good people of Halls told me about their Halls Mentho-Lyptus campaign celebrating the “unsung heroes of nightlife” – the bouncers –  I felt almost morally obligated to write about it.

Halls is searching for "America’s Coolest Bouncer.” In NYC and other cosmopolitan cities, the door is handled by door people, usually fabulously dressed folks armed with the requisite clipboard and attitude. In most of the US of A and in many NYC clubs, door selection is handled by the same guys who keep everybody in line and toss out those who make a stink. You can nominate your favorite bouncer by visiting the campaign’s FB page: www.LetTheCoolIn.com.

Next, they’ll pare the candidates down to just 10, and select one winner who will get a Halls-cool $10,000. The runner-up gets $5,000. In the midst of the selection process, Halls has been taking surveys, and here’s what they’ve found:

The toughest part of the job:
 33% say breaking up fights
 32% say being surrounded by annoying people

The best way to get into a club:
 44% say by dressing the part
 30 % cite a good guy/girl ratio
 Paying off the bouncer only works 9% of the time.

If a long line=a cool place:
44% say somewhat true
16% definitely
16% not at all

And to bring attention to the campaign’s search, Halls is hitting up the NYC party scene:

"Halls is hosting ‘Halls Nights’ at a handful of clubs. Halls Nights will allow bouncers to select a clubgoer(s) in line and provide them with a VIP Halls Pass, enabling them to skip the line and gain access to the club.”

Halls is number one in its field and I salute them for this campaign. While many of the bouncers work as trainers during the day, bounce at night, look plain good, and get all the girls, many are working their way through school or supporting an artistic career or saving money for their future. They’re working in clubs as a step to get elsewhere. They do a lot of dirty work and are constantly at risk. They are underappreciated. Halls is setting this straight.

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