Franklin Becker: Michael Feraro Is Head Chef @ Delicatessen

imageI guess that in the world of kitchens, there can definitely be too many cooks. Although I thought I had it right (and maybe Eater did too), it seems that Franklin Becker’s role at Delicatessen is squarely that of consultant, and Michael Ferraro is actually the man running the show. I ran into David Rabin, who tipped me off on the Delicatessen story, at a meeting yesterday. David didn’t want to stir the soup and thought it was no big deal but was appreciative that I was going to clarify today, so below I’ve included a letter directly from Franklin Becker, which explains the situation.

Hey Steve,

Thanks for all the kind words you said about me. I just want to correct things a little. I am the consulting chef at Delicatessen, not the chef. I was brought here two months ago to assist Michael with the project. He was faced with having to redo the menu at Delicatessen, open new projects, add delivery services and launch late-night dining at the restaurant. He walked into a space that was very unsettled and needed to react to things very quickly. Since we have a friendship that dates back four years we thought if I came in it would give him the support that he needed to meet his timeline. That is all. The menu — which I think is delicious — is Michael’s and should be looked upon as such. He has been working hard on this for three months and is poised to make a splash. Delicatessen is a beautiful establishment serving affordably priced comfort food that is created by an extremely talented chef, Michael Ferraro.

Thanks for the understanding, Franklin Becker

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