Exclusive: Steve Lewis Letter to Michael Alig’s Parole Officer

Editor’s note: BlackBook contributor Steve Lewis asked us to share with our readers his letter to Michael Alig’s parole officer. 

Dear Sir or Madam,

Michael Alig was a good young person who fell into a world of drugs, lust, power and mayhem. He, in an addled state, killed a man and dismembered and discarded his body. He, as you know has spent 17 years of his adult life in prison. He is now on the street surrounded by people who would corrupt him. Please advise him or demand from him a complete break from the so called Club Kid culture. He must be specifically prevented from associating with people like James St. James (James Clark), Astro Erle, Scott Osmon and an ilk of fans that worship or flitter about a candle that must not again turn into a bonfire. Michael is an addict not just a drug addict but an attention addict, a media addict, an adulation addict. It’s what drives him. There is a hole inside him that cannot be filled. His life has been spent trying to fill it with drugs, sex and the love or devotion of thousands. Millions wouldn’t help, nothing has calmed him. Now remorse rather than photo ops, humility rather than snarky tweets and selfies, charity rather than a quest for fame must replace an image that killed a man. There are good people who want him to thrive and there are thousands who want to bask in an ancient light that need not be seen again. Those thousands have always drained him of his good qualities and exploited his creativity. He needs new friends and some sane old ones. There is no leash short enough, there can be no limits to the supervision. He needs help to be what I believe he needs to be, a productive man in a new century. This can go either way. Many believe in him but there are many doubters. He talks the talk help him walk the walk. I know him for 30 years and have seen the good the bad and finally the ugly side of him.  For years i have visited him in prison and seen the good in him emerge and purge his demons.The Party Monster and all it’s trapping and entourage needs to be bannished . Help him help himself. Help him embrace the chance he is being given a chance many don’t feel he deserves.

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