DJing the Pain Away

My favorite pain in the ass in the whole world just returned from Paris. There she swirled in the beauty, the people, the art, the palaces and the food. Paris is a wonderful drug. I lived there a few times and it’s the only place I think I could live if New York defeats me. I find Paris more similar to New York than Los Angeles. The only thing that the French don’t seem able to create brilliantly is music. With a tip of the beret to Plastic Bertrand and the Gainsbourgs, little else ever caught my ear. David Guetta is a French DJ who has achieved world class status. He and DJ Laurent Garnier seem to be exceptions to the rule. In a rare midweek opening Pacha will host David Guetta tonight and I will be there.

I will be there after subMercer. I will DJ tonight at my favorite little haunt with Gabby Mejia and friends. Woody Allen once said something like his life is divided between miserable and horrible, so when he’s merely miserable that’s pretty good. My DJing is like that. Lately I’ve been just miserable and I’m feeling good about tonight, so come on down.

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