DJing for Susanne Bartsch at the Soho Grand

I get to DJ for Susanne Bartsch! The grande dame called me and asked and I said yes. That’s how it’s done. Her Tuesday parties at the Soho Grand feature the incomparable Joey Arias. Joey channels Billie Holiday and if you haven’t seen it why am I talking to you anyway? They lubricate the luminaries with $8 Vodka cocktails. I have no idea what to spin. I’m not sure if I’m the right guy for the job but in my long association with Susanne I have seen her make very few mistakes so I’m going to rock it. The party has a reputation for sexy elegance so if you are going to show please bring it like you mean it. Dress for success and all that. Susanne is the best I’ve ever seen in this scene that I have lived in for so long. The concept of a subdued loungey early-week party intrigues me.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I was venturing from my Queens home with a few friends to St. Marks to see what we could see. We ran into Joey Arias and Klaus Nomi on the street. I had never met or seen or even imagined fellows like this. They were kind and witty and … educational. I decided to abandon Queens as I knew it for a life amongst the queens, sugar plum fairies, and denizens of the deep dark night. There was no turning back. There was no way to keep me down on the farm once I had seen Joey. Mr. Arias is a legend who changed my life. It is an honor to work and play with him and Susanne. 

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