DJ and Promoter Alleges Christmas Assault By Le Souk Owner and Staff

If nightlifers were to be cast as characters in a Lord Of The Rings flick, Samuel Valentine would be a Hobbit rather than a troll, orc, or wizard. It is therefore surprising and kind of offensive to hear that our favorite Rock and Roll DJ and promoter got his ass kicked at Le Souk the other night by what seems to be forces of evil. The end result is, from what I hear, the end to the long-running Tuesday night affair, The Wolf Party. I have been told that door person Ariel Zucker-Brull was also quitting over the incident. It was Christmas night and while most of us were snuggled up dreaming of sugar plum fairies and other club types, multiple members of Le Souk’s staff allegedly beat up our friend. By all the reports given to me, Le Souk owner Marcus Jacob was involved in the ruckus. He personally beat our humble hero Sam Valentine down. Police reports have been filed, lawyers are involved, and there is a great deal of bad-mouthing on the internet. I hear the Daily News is looking into the story and we will read about it there…tomorrow. For the record I have always enjoyed a good relationship with Le Souk and its owners. Calls for comment were not returned by press time. A source told me the News was trying to reach them as well. I did speak to people who were there and the story seems consistent with the one Sam Valentine is telling.

It was a pretty good night at Le Souk although, predictably, revenues would not be high on a huge holiday. Spending types tend to stay at home or are off in exotic places. Door person Ariel Zucker-Brull, according to someone who was there, was told by owner Marcus that "everyone would not be paid night of … instead on a different date." Marcus "instructed Ariel to tell all the promoters." Ariel went off to tell the promoters that money wasn’t coming. When Sam was told "he was pissed off. While Ariel went off to tell the other promoters Sam bolted to confront Marcus about this pay delay. Sam had been promised he would get paid that night, and although it was only a couple hundred bucks he wanted what was promised. Ariel heard there had been a fight and rushed to the scene of what may be determined to be a crime. Ariel found Sam visibly beaten up and being held by bouncers. He told the bouncers "to let go and they did right away like guilty children." None of the bouncers would tell Ariel what happened.

Sam Valentine tells it like this: "I came down from upstairs to ask for my paycheck as usual around 3:45 am. when i went down the other promoters were at the bar as well asking for their money. when i ask MARCUS JACOB the owner of the club for my check he said ‘i dont have it.’ we weren’t going to get paid. i told him i have to get paid cause i need the money and we started a heated verbal argument he was on the inside of the bar i was on the outside area. after words were exchange he pointed at a bouncer said ‘take him out.’ he grabbed me from behind to drag me out so I tried to get loose cause I wasn’t fighting anyone and just wanted my money. The bouncer was able to drag me out and Marcus came from behind the bar and walk out with bouncer. instead of taking me to the street and throwing me out they held me in the entrance between 2 doors where Marcus grab my hair put it under his shoe , put my right hand under his other shoe and started punching my face multiple times, at this point i got scared had to do something so I tried to lift my head by pulling my hair from under his shoe when a bouncer saw this he started punching my left rib cage. At this point  I just screamed that I was going to call the cops and sue them, I told them this was illegal and to just let me walk out on my own, money was not important at this point. Someone that saw the whole thing call 911 told them someone was getting beat up then I also called . The cops showed up and one approached me to get my story and as I’m giving the cop the story another cop comes out of nowhere and shoves me and says ‘when you talk to us you dont stand that close’. That was weird. I told them I wasn’t trying to start anything with the cops… I needed their help. One cop went inside to get Marcus story then came out minutes later saying they had video proof of me breaking their heating system and a Christmas tree which never happened.  I was shoved by them onto some sort of Christmas tree after they were dragging me. So the cop told me my option was we both get arrested, me and Marcus, or I have to just go home. Marcus at that point had left so I knew it be just me getting arrested so I decided to leave so I could go to the hospital and file a report against them."

What Sam described is common in clubland brawls. When police arrive at a scene there are usually two sides to the story and combatants are told that they can file cross complaints against each other with both parties going to jail and the courts left to sort out the truth. Usually parties involved fail to press charges on the scene and opt for walking into the local precinct at a later time. Sam went to the hospital got treated and released. The photos posted on Facebook and sent to me show his usual pretty face bruised and swollen. His ribs are hurting. He stands tall, determined to get justice. Witnesses back his story and hundreds of people are gathering to support his cause. Le Souk is no stranger to courts and controversy. Their Lower East Side incarnation was shuttered years ago after a long dispute.

Although I haven’t got official word that The Wolf Party is over I’m hearing it is, as by all accounts the players involved have had enough. If it moves I’m sure it will find a home as it is fabulous fun. A regular described it as a rave with club kids. It has been going on according to sources, "for a year and a half or 2" with the current promo team consisting of Markko Donto, Bless Fantastic and Michael De Guzman. It’s a dubstep party with DJ Jess, a guest that night, and resident DJ’s Monikkr and Valerie Valentine. With all these Valentines around you would think there would be more love.

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