Catching Up: Japan, Loleatta, My Pacha Gig

It’s been 11 days since the quake and the tsunami awed us all. And we’ve felt helpless since. Many of my friends stay glued to the TV or computer, watching replays and seeking out any new tidbit. Channel surfing to see disaster footage had some of us even watching Fox. Now, Lelaine Lau and Benjamin Dewar are sweeping away our helplessness and getting us off the couch by organizing a benefit next Tuesday, March 29th. The soiree will be held at Lavo, which is generously donating its space, all door proceeds, and even 10% of the bar revenue generated from the gala.

The shindig is to support Doctors Without Borders, who are operating mobile clinics in the devastated Miyagi Prefecture. While we are talking about the weather, they are fighting to save lives and repair bodies. It’s 20 bucks or more at the door and everybody’s got that.

The death of Loleatta Holloway leaves me limp. Her powerful voice and giant smile picked me up when I was down on many occasions. Best known, I guess, for her sampled vocals on Marky Mark’s “Good Vibrations,” she passed from heart failure. Her mega hit “Love Sensation” was the kind of song that transitioned us all from the Disco era to the House era. Take a few minutes to YouTube her to fully appreciate her talent and legacy. I remember booking her once at, I think at the World.The crowd just stood staring as she hit each impossible note with power, perfection, and fire. No one moved. At first I thought they weren’t liking it, but soon realized that they were just in awe. She had the kind of voice that could break glasses and swell hearts.

Tonight you will find me (if you’re looking) at Good Units. It’s Jonny Lennon’s super hot monthly affair with DJ Cassidy and ?uestlove. It’s called Rock Freak and that’s what I am, so I’ll break out the black leather and show.

I want to thank Eddie Dean and Rob Fernandez, the Pacha light crew, Patrick McMullan, and of course, the other DJs: MSB and Liam McMullan, who joined me last Thursday night at Pacha. It was the biggest room, and largest crowd I ever played for, and I’m still recovering from the excitement. According to a friend, someone tweeted that I have “been quiet lately.” I think preparing for that gig occupied a lot of my thoughts. I took it seriously, as the big sound system, the big room and the legacy of the talents who play there, was not lost on me. Surprisingly, the biggest songs of the night were “Love Hangover” by Diana Ross, and “Sharp Dressed Man” by ZZ Top. As the night winded down, I put on “Under he Milky Way Tonight” by The Church, and many people slow danced to it. It was refreshing to see people usually not exposed—or maybe a better word is subjected—to the music I play, dancing and enjoying it. It was an honor to play there. I have also been distracted and busy as a bee readying the downstairs lounge at Darby for a hush-hush opening later this week. Ill try to get noisy again real soon.

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