Boom Boom Town

The town is going goo ga ga over The Standard Hotel’s Boom Boom Room and, of course, that not a drag at all queen, Lady Gaga. Word comes to me from multiple (usually reliable) sources that the upper tiers of The Standard will have club legends, Nur Khan and Paul Sevigny on board after a few T’s are crossed. I think it’s two different spaces, but hey, it’s only one cab ride. I could call them both and get a denial…so I’ll wait for their phone calls and find the truth in their protests—although it does really makes sense as all parties involved would benefit from the fit. Paul has been looking for a place to hang his hat since The Beatrice took a beating and Nur just loves to be on top of the world. Paul has had marvelous success with his Tuesdays and Thursdays at Avenue so it seems he and Nur are at the top of their game right now. The Standard’s excellent location and sublime views combined with the smart looks and staffing seems ideal.

I went to the Out Magazine/ Lady Gaga party at The Box but missed the diva by a bleached blond hair. The blowup of the Out Magazine cover proclaimed “Gaga Gone Wild” and well, it seems that she has. Her Marc Jacob’s party performance was seen by at least 5,000 people who bragged to me via Twitter, Facebook, text, or in person that they had indeed been there to see it and by tomorrow it will be 10,000. While on the subject of diva’s and little white lies, I ran into PM mogul, Unik, yesterday while having a walk-and-talk meeting in my hood. My meeting and I had been chatting up Little Italy mainstay actor, Vinny Vela, when Larry David (walking a ruddy, ratty small dog) passed by. The funny man had a squinty scowl on his face until he accidentally clotheslined a tourist with his pup’s leash; he laughed and hugged her apologetically. David is in town for the Curb Your Enthusiasm season premiere. But oh, back to Unik. He was very upset about a comment made by my pal and fellow blogger, Brittany Mendenhall, in a ChicChi212 post. She called him the “McHammer of Nightlife”, implying that he had made a huge mark but now doesn’t have a gig and is poor. Unik was spouting at me, and I told him I was aware that he had sent Brit an email expressing his chagrin. I cut him off, dialed her number, told her a “special friend of mine wanted to say hello”, gave Unik my phone, and went looking for Larry David with my meeting. When we returned in a few minutes, Unik and Brit were best friends. He tells me he is actively looking for a new home for PM and I passed my meeting over to him. As of late last night they were still chatting.

Karim Amatullah informs me that he’s taken a role over at Above Allen which is one of my favorite hangs. My crew has been gathering every Sunday afternoon for Fanny Chan’s Pool Party on the third floor of the fabulous Thompson, L.E.S.. Unfortunately, this Sunday will be the last week and we, like Karim, will be looking for a room with a view, preferably one that can also protect us from the soon-to-be hostile elements. I asked Karim about something he didn’t think I knew…his impending position over at Anthony Martignetti and James Willis’ joint, Southside. Karim says, “Southside, that’s the lounge-club that has the right vibe. Great size with a speakeasy feel, it’s the Nolita/Soho neighborhood club.” I then asked how he was going to be at two “neighborhood clubs” at the same time and was told “after Allen, Tuesday through Friday”. Perhaps I’ll get a clarification right after fashion week; my head is spinning.

Meanwhile, I wanted to find out what was happening over at the bar, Martignetti Place, which has been closed with brown papered windows for some time. I asked Anthony to which he replied that, “the place will be open in two weeks with a huge mahogany bar. It will be comfy and serve food till 4am”. It will be called Brinkley’s after a joint James and he love in London. Fashion week must end soon seeing as I am tired and running out of unfashionable outfits to wear to “The Best Party Ever”. So many new places have just opened or are on the verge of opening; tons are being redone and promoted. So, there’s no doubt that nightlife is booming. We’re in a new downtown-driven club era. The recession has brought in an period where creativity is celebrated. Even Pacha. Just a few weeks after being on trial for its very existence, was approved unanimously for renewal by it’s local community board.

It’s a Boom Town.

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