Biltmore Room to Re-Open as The Gates

Danny Kane, Redd Stylez, and Rod Surut are gearing up the space formerly known as the Biltmore Room for an April opening. It will be called “The Gates” — a reference to the heavy ornate gates that guard the entrance. The Gates will be “a high-end lounge with food,” and the menu is slated to be “new American cuisine.”

Redd Stylez will serve as promotional director, and he tells me that they will have an “ambassador program” where qualified friends and fabulous folk will have special access and privileges. This will allow the joint to forego the use of dreaded promoters. A series of special events in April will serve as a preview, with an opening event scheduled for May. They will be open early six nights a week for that loungey after-work crowd and open late four nights for the clubbies.

The 8th Avenue and 25th Street location has proved to be problematic for two previous tenants — Rome, a gay club, once resided there, but it was a bit north of the strip and never really took off. And the Biltmore Room was a noteworthy restaurant, garnering an outstanding three stars from William Grimes of The New York Times, yet it succumbed to the no-man’s-land location as well.

The room is marble over marble and is absolutely breathtaking. Some upgrades to the banquettes and DJ booth were made, but they left the room mostly as it was, and it is beautiful. The times have changed, and it may well be that this location will work as many of this teams’ clientele have found traveling to places a little off the beaten path like Antik and Johnny Utah’s to their liking.

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