All the Weekend’s Parties

So many things to do, so little time. Work is killing me. Everybody seems to want to open the same day, and I haven’t been able to clone myself since I lived in Chelsea. I’m finishing that Stay space (which will have another name), the very secretive space for Matthew Isaacs (which has a name that I can’t reveal), and that hush-hush, I-can’t-utter-a-word-about-the-name Noel Ashman joint. What’s so important about keeping the names secret? Shouldn’t places about to open be screaming them from mountaintops? That’s the way I rolled, but hey, I’m not complaining. Real men don’t complain; they suck it up and finish right. That sounded dirty.

Tonight, I’m heading to The Darby mostly to say happy birthday to my dear older friend Jenny Oz Leroy. Look her up. She’s the stuff that dreams are made of. The Oz is not a reference to that TV show, but the Wizard of, Dorothy, and her little dog, too. Her granddad produced the movie. Her dad created and operated things like Maxwell’s Plum and then Tavern on the Green and The Russian Tea Room, until he passed and she took over as a wee lass. Then I’m off to subMercer to join Richard, Gabby, Moses and the gang for The Underground Series Record Release Party. This is a celebration for the debut album of the new subMercer music label. DJs Lloydski, Eli Escobar, and Marcos Cabral will be on hand. Everyone is told to wear red because Belvedere Red is supporting. I don’t costume party, so the red of my eyeballs will have to do. I must congratulate Gabby as she has worked hard to pull this thing together. The idea of a hotel having its own label based around the serious music played in its little basement boite is fabulous.

Friday, I will attend the Stuart Black Hanky Panky party, which despite all efforts to establish an identity unto itself, is in Webster Hall‘s upstairs and far-to-the-left Balcony Lounge. I mean, how are you supposed to find it otherwise? The affair that brings me back is the birthday bash of Jordan Lines Middendorf. She is celebrating her quarter-life crisis. I have shoes older than her, but then again, real men don’t worry about age. I will be there, and look forward to hearing DJ Louie XIV, who I didn’t enjoy the first time I heard him. Boy, was I wrong. (Real men also own up to their mistakes.) I have since found him to be a wonderfully creative, unpredictable talent. Unpredictable is a very good thing in a DJ world where every one of those suckers has 37,000 tracks on a laptop that mixes and mashes and organizes. I like the chaos and unpredictability of the “record” era.

Saturday, I will brunching at Lavo. I have always adhered to the “Real men don’t brunch” theory, but I have been cajoled, pigeonholed, and told to be there, so I will be. Rocco and I exchanged pleasantries and reminisced. When I mentioned a Blackbook plug, our conversation hit the gutter as we remembered the little black books of our distant youth. I am invited to another brunch this Sunday, but unfortunately, will be traveling to some beach house out on the North Shore of Long Island. I never do that sort of thing, either. Real men don’t go to beach houses on the North Shore. The Sunday soiree is at Yotel, and is hosted by my pal Patrick McMullan. It’s a madcap affair, with DJ Sammy Jo, who is so often tapped these days as the DJ for this sort of thing. Patrick Duffy is the man behind these men. He’s been busy gathering Darian Darling, Jordan Fox, Michael Warner, Erickson Wilcox, and Roxy Cottontail, to lend their good names and talents. I think I spelled Erickson correctly. For some reason, I used to always put an extra X on it. Well, not so much anymore. This weekly affair is wonderful, and I unfortunately will be sipping wine and eating Concord grapes at a very Laura Ashley-Long Island affair. Real men shouldn’t be subjected to Laura Ashley. If you find yourself looking for a real man, a whole bunch of them will surely show at The Hustla Ball Sunday night. It seems to be at the old Rebel space. DJ Nita invited me, and Sammy Jo will be there as well, and tons of other Djs and very special hosts. If you don’t know what this is about, I strongly advise you get with it.

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