Zac Efron Talks His BlackBook Cover Shoot on Jimmy Kimmel Live

This month, Zac Efron graced the cover of our October/November issue to tell you that he Doesn’t Want To Be Your Teenage Crush Anymore. Out on stands now, the cover story revealed that not only does he have a tattoo on his, “hand that reads YOLO,” but that, “as a man watching Zac Efron…I don’t necessarily like me yet. So how can I like Zac Efron?” With a gritty role that looks to push him forward in breaking away from his Disney/teen-romanic lead cachet, Efron can currently be found starring opposite Nicole Kidman and John Cusack in Lee Daniel’s new film, The Paperboy—a role that challenged him to, “see how deep the rabbit hole went and how far I could really push myself.”

A few days ago, Efron went on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote The Paperboy and explain BlackBook’s cover shoot, in which the handsome actor was adorned with zoo animals. Shot at the Wildlife Learning Center in Los Angeles on a 115 degree day, Efron interacted with the animals with ease, proclaiming “Animals are dope!” while donning a pocket full of bunnies. Check out the clip below for more of Efron’s late night appearance and a closer look at some of our wild images.



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