Your Monday Morning Treat: The Best of Malcolm Tucker

To be entirely honest, I know nothing about Doctor Who—save the fact that David Tenant once played the titular role. But as announced yesterday afternoon to a sea of excitement, the latest iteration of the series has cast brilliant Scottish actor Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor. For those of you familiar with Capaldi, you probably fell in love with him as the foul-mouthed and feverishly aggressive and abrasive Malcolm Tucker on Armando Iannucci’s brutally hilarious The Thick of It and onto Into the Loop. That, or you were just a devoted fan of BBC’s best short-lived series, the wonderful drama The Hour, which Capaldi came onto in it’s final episodes.

So whether you’re a Dr Who fanatic or just an admirer of Malcolm Tucker’s dirty, witty and brash comebacks, let’s take a look at some of his best moments—because it’s Monday and we could all use a gut-wrenchingly good laugh, no?

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