You Too Can Be in The Next Tyler Perry Movie (Provided You Win a Contest)

Tyler Perry has made a lot of popular movies, and he’s not above sharing the wealth: Today, he announced on his YouTube channel that he’ll be hosting a talent search to find someone for a walk-on role in his newest film. A walk-on role is a walk-on role, but there are definitely worse ways to jumpstart a career. As the rules state, "Submit an audition video of yourself doing what you do best in 3 minutes or less. Keep it short and sweet!" After that, Perry will put a winner from the top 10 most popular videos, but voting ends on June 29 so you’d better act quickly. 

Which begs the question: What do you do, and how do you do it best? So far, most of the videos (one of which you can see below) seem to be of people singing songs in front of their cameras. Personally, I’m going to kill this thing by posting some footage of me silently surfing the Web in my boxers while eating Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Either that, or meowing at neighborhood cats. But I’m sure most of you have something to compete with that, hard as it may be.

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