Listen to the Full Soundtrack for Xavier Dolan’s New Film ‘Mommy’

Something that has always heightened the emotional potency of Xavier Dolan’s films is the way he chooses to pair music with scenes. His soundtracks are always eclectic, mixing modern pop and classical strings with new wave hits and alt-rock classics, to deliver movies whose tonal shifts flow from one song to the next, clearly stemming from the director’s personal collection of affinities.

Earlier this year we wrote about the music in Tom at the Farm, and now, ahead of its January 2015 release, you can listen through the soundtrack for Dolan’s latest film Mommy. “[Narratively], all the music in the movie comes from a mixtape the father made before he died, and those are mostly songs from the 2000s, from the Top 10 charts that you hear on the radio,” writer-director Xavier Dolan noted in an interview, with the soundtrack featuring music from Dido, Celine Dion, Oasis, Lana Del Ray, Counting Crows, Eiffel 65. Take a listen for yourself below.

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