Xavier Dolan Begins Production on His Next Film ‘Mommy’

"As much as I like combining drama and humor, because life is about the duality of both in all its absurdity, for the same reason I like to write a story with very realistic environments interwoven with more extravagant parentheses and segments," Xavier Dolan once told me. "It’s important for me to have these situations where things are bigger than nature, bigger than the characters themselves, where you feel overwhelmed by life and it makes us remember how small we are and life itself in the movie reminds the characters of that." And now that Tom at the Farm has had its Toronto premiere, of course cinema’s most prolific 24-year-old has begun production on his next feature.

It’s been reported that Dolan, whose Laurence Anyways swept us away back in June, has started his next feature, titled Mommy. Naturally, the name evokes his debut film I Killed My Mother—the harrowing portrait of a troubled relationship between mother and son. Back in March, Dolan also spoke about his first American film, which he’d said was to be called The Death and Life of John F. Donovan and tells the story of a "Dean or Brando"-esque movie star whom "America has been waiting for," who becomes pen-pals with an 11-year-old boy. But it looks like that will have to be the sixth film under his belt, with Mommy kicking off production this week and reuniting him with his frequent collaborators Anne Dorval, Suzanne Clément and Antoine-Olivier Pilon.  

Set in Montreal, what we can glean from the brief description announced thus far is that the film will be a “hints at a darker story of mother-son relationship, featuring a custody battle and a child with a difficult past.” And after straying from his usual milieu with Tom at the Farm—a sparse psychological thriller—Mommy sounds much more of the Dolan world we’ve become accustomed to and love. The details are few but knowing Dolan, we’ll see a release for the film around the early 2014 festival circuit. In the meantime, checkout our in-depth interview with Dolan from back in early summer, as well as the trailer for Tom at the Farm, which will hopefully  received stateside distribution in the near future.  

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