Woody Allen’s Next Movie, Starring Emma Stone & Joaquin Phoenix, Now Titled ‘Irrational Man’

Photo courtesy of John Salangsang/BFAnyc.com

In Phillip Lopate’s “On Changing One’s Mind About a Movie” he notes that although initially having a distaste for Woody Allen—finding his films “smugly self-congratulatory,” later in life has come to regard the director as an “American master, who goes his own way regardless of trends.” And despite all that clammer of news, accusations, and ill-feeling towards Allen’s personal life in the last year, as a filmmaker he’s never been one to be thwarted by the noise of culture around him.

With the flop that was Magic in the Moonlight behind him, Allen’s latest feature is full steam ahead—now set to be distributed by Sony Pictures Classics and given the appropriate title, Irrational Man. Joaquin Phoenix, Jamie Blackley, and Parker Posey will round out the cast for the film whose details at being kept very hush hush. Rumor has it, the film is about, “a University professor (Phoenix) and his student (Stone) and their entanglements that may turn deadly.”

“Sony Classics and I have a good working relationship. I like the way they handle my movies, very special, very classy and I always hope my films live up to their expectations,” says Allen, with SPC adding, “Woody Allen’s new movie IRRATIONAL MAN, his latest annual gift to moviegoers everywhere, is as fresh and winning as ever.” Although there isn’t much more information released about the upcoming film, we can garner that it will probably be released sometime this summer.

Let’s hope this one is more in the realm of Blue Jasmine and less hollow than his last script from the bottom of the drawer attempt.

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