When Lucas & Lynch Met: An Animated Tale

As someone who once semi-seriously was lobbied for David Lynch to direct the final installment of Twilight, I understand the notion of considering a director to move out of their element and cast their genius upon an already established territory. However, whatever Dune may have implied, David Lynch and Star Wars would be a terribly painful mixture.

But before Richard Marquand signed on to direct Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, George Lucas considered both David Cronenberg and David Lynch to direct the feature—thankfully, both took a pass. And in this wonderful little video, we see an animated retelling of Lynch and Lucas’ meeting in which they go out for lunch, Lynch gets a migraine from too much Wookiee talk, and he turns down the big bucks. Take a look below at the Lynch-voiced video below.

When Lynch Met Lucas from G.O. Welles on Vimeo.

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