What To Say After Seeing ‘Upstream Color’

Shane Carruth’s hotly anticipated follow-up to Primer, the striking bio-romance mystery Upstream Color, is less a mind-bender than a mind-pulverizer. So you may find, as I did when the lights came up after the late showing at the IFC Center last night, everyone stunned into silence. No one wants to speak first after a cinematic experience of that sort, because what if you sound like a complete idiot? Well, here are some remarks to help you get the ball rolling.

“So well-edited.”

“Did you notice how there was no dialogue in the last act?”

“I thought the score was masterful.”

“He got the effect of psychotropic bloodstream-dwelling parasite worms just right.”

“This film was unmistakably about the mutually reinforced psychosis we so foolishly refer to as ‘love.’ Also I’m breaking up with you.”

“So … there wasn’t a time machine, right?”

“The Thief guy looked more like Kal Penn in the trailer.”

“That was the kind of blue I want to paint the bathroom.”

“I am really craving bacon right now.”

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