Werner Herzog Remembers Roger Ebert on ‘Charlie Rose’

The passing of Roger Ebert means not only the loss of one of our most beloved cultural icons and brilliant minds, but as Werner Herzog puts it, "a whole epoch ends." And on a recent episode of Charlie Rose, the acclaimed German filmmaker joined the show with critics A.O. Scott and Dana Stevens to remember the great man who opened up a world of cinematic love and appreciation to the masses, transcending just criticism.

In the segment, Herzog goes on to talk a lot about his relationship with Roger but also speaks to how discourse about cinema has begun to dwindle—criticism no longer on our televisions, celebrity news taking priority over analysis, etc. And with the death of our one unwavering voice of truth, Herzog say that this loss is "something much, much bigger than Roger Ebert not being with us anymore"—however, "his guiding principles that he defended live on with us." Herzog then goes on to say that Ebert was someone who was "after illumination, about truth in cinema, and that’s how I connected with him, there was always something that was much deeper about movies that we should talk about." 

Check out the 20-minute segment in it’s entirety to see what other gems Herzog had to share with us, as well as Scott and Stevens’ own personal experience with Roger Ebert.


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