Weird Al Yankovic: The Bio-Pic!

Although I’m sure it dates me to admit it, I bought the first couple of Weird Al Yankovic albums as they came out, on cassette no less, and listened to them ad nauseam. To this day I can still sing every word of “Nature Trail to Hell” off the 3-D album (which, if played backwards on vinyl, contains the secret message “Satan Eats Cheese Whiz!”), though it’s probably worth noting that I seldom do. I’ve always imagined that Al’s star had dimmed since those early, heady days of music parody, but in fact Yankovic scored his biggest hit with 2006’s “White and Nerdy.” (Shows what I know.) On top of which, he’s also sold more comedy albums than any other act in history. Such an enduring career must surely be enough for a juicy biopic, no?

We may have to wait some time, if not forever, for the real deal, but Funny or Die has put up a trailer for the spoof version. Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul stars as Al, and there are cameos by Mary Steenburgen, Patton Oswalt, Olivia Wilde, and Yankovic himself, among others. I agree with the New York Times‘ Dave Itzkoff, who avers: “if Hollywood had any sense at all, it would get this movie made yesterday.”

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