Watch These Funny People Reenact Every Rom-Com Press Junket Ever

Summer movie season is very much upon us, and with it we shall suffer the slings and arrows of the mediocre rom-com, likely one in which a wound-up Manhattan career gal meets a free-spirited manchild and learns how to loosen up a little/a nebbishy businessman meets a stock Manic Pixie Dream Girl and finally lets someone into his heart. Luckily for us, Upright Citizens’ Brigade’s Nate Smith has recreated every rom-com press junket situation ever so you don’t have to bother with the cinema this summer, with the help of Freddi Scheib and some Photoshopping. The duo’s tackling of clichés, ridiculous premises (Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis in: Dog Pork, in which a dog owner and a potbellied pig owner fall helplessly in love or something) and faux-modesty about these roles are great, but it’s all about Smith’s impersonations. Come for Jason Sudeikis’ weird, guttural noises and his dead-on Seth Rogen; stay for Mark Ruffalo’s brutal honesty. 

Our only question is why does each of these films star Jennifer Aniston? Surely, there are some rom-com roles left for Katherine Heigl. 

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