Watch the US Theatrical Trailer for Terrence Malick’s ‘To the Wonder’

Let me begin by saying that whoever is cutting these To the Wonder trailers deserves an entire award ceremony of his/her own. And although it seems I have already spoken ad nauseum about Terrence Malick’s latest philosophical/emotional masterpiece with word of new trailers, stills, featurettes, etc., I almost forgot that a proper US theatrical trailer had yet to be released. And yesterday, Entertainment Tonight (of all places) debuted the beautiful new preview that has taken my heart and placed it on my lap so that it can absorb my endless tears. Featuring Ben Affleck, Olga Kurylenko, Rachel McAdams, and Javier Bardem, this new trailer allows us to see more stunning moments from his graceful poem of images. And in addition, perhaps the first lovely shot of a Sonic Drive-In featured in a Malick movie, right?

And this idea of "the Wonder," of the abstract beauty inherent in existence, of allowing our eye to deconstruct the way we view the world around us with a spirituality that connects emotion and creation to something beyond, is at the crux of Malick’s work and To the Wonder explores that through the memory of love’s torture. As part of our December/January cover story on Kurylenko, she spoke to us about her process of working on the feature, saying: 

I receive pages every morning, sometimes ten, sometimes more. They’re not exactly a script—whether one exists or not is a complete mystery—but the words are (excuse my poeticism) rather like a breakfast for the soul. And every morning it’s a feast! If I digest the sense of what the pages contain, the nature of Terry’s words will shine through my eyes while we’re filming, and I won’t even need to speak. Every sentence is filled with such deep knowledge of the soul. They force me to think and reflect on my own life, to ask myself questions. Reading Terry’s words makes me realize I’m spending so much precious time on such unnecessary things. (“Why do we often look the wrong way?”) Wonderful pages. I’d like to cover my walls with them. Instead, I’m instructed to burn them.

But more on this closer to the film’s release, which is coming up on April 12th. So in the meantime, check out the US trailer below, as well as, yet another, clip from the film.

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