Watch the Making Of ‘Spring Breakers’ Featurette

Okay, so last week, when the To the Wonder behind the scenes featurettes graced the internet, I warned you before watching them. Likening Malick’s work to that of a graceful and seemingly effortless ballet that you don’t care to see the blood in the toenails, I offered that perhaps you just see the actual film first. However, a new Making Of clip for Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers has crept online this morning, and duh, you can totally watch this.

Not to discredit the bizarre and wonderful talents of Korine but unlike Malick, he’s actually in the video. It’s great to watch him passionately in action directing a scene and setting up a shot and watching all the chaos that unfolds under neon light in the starkness of a natural light with the crew surrounding. Obviously, seeing James Franco giggle on a couch is not going to take anything away from the film and with the overlaying music akin to that of the movie, this is a totally enjoyable one minutes and thirty-two seconds.

Also, for all of you that will brush off this movie as lowbrow and ridiculous, check out the new Cahiers du cinema.


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