Watch the First U.S. Trailer for Abbas Kiarostami’s ‘Like Someone in Love’

As the companion piece to Abbas Kiarostami’s European drama Ceftified Copy, the internationally-acclaimed writer and director’s latest work, Like Someone in Love, takes us to the other side of the world. Setting the film in Japan, Kiarostami’s new drama is more enigmatic than his last—truths blooming to the surface and dissolving before our eyes.

After playing at Cannes, TIFF, and the New York Film Festival, Like Someone in Love will have its theatrical run beginning next week. And just in time, a U.S. theatrical trailer has finally been released. This time around, we get a glimpse at the characters, as seen through Kiarostami’s signature use of pacing and framing to capture the confoudning nature of connection. In the trailer, we see that the film follows a young female student who works as a prostitute on the side and her elderly client. When I sat down with Kiarostami back in September (interview coming next week), we talked a lot about love and relationships and why he makes such cryptic films.

Like Someone in Love played to mixed reviews from critics but watch the trailer and definitely make sure to check back next week to see what the filmmaker had to say about his daring work. 

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